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The Federal Government has announced that double-stacked trains will not travel through the City of Logan following an independent review of the Inland Rail project.

City of Logan Mayor, Darren Power, welcomed the review by Dr Kerry Schott, recommending the construction of an intermodal terminal at Ebenezer, near Ipswich, to effectively end the Inland Rail route at that point for the double-stacked carriages.

The Federal Government has agreed ‘in principle’ to this recommendation.

Single-stacked trains would continue to Kagaru, Acacia Ridge and Bromelton, including through Logan, to allow connectivity to ports and other rail networks.

“After years of standing firm on our opposition to the proposed Inland Rail, I was delighted to hear the news today,” Mayor Power said.

“This really was a ‘David and Goliath’ clash but it shows you should never give up on something that is worth fighting for.”

Dr Schott’s Inland Rail review made 19 separate recommendations, as it forecast the budget for the project to double to $31 billion with completion not expected this Decade.

The Mayor said it was a small and long overdue win when the Federal Government committed to the independent review of the project in 2022.

“When I met with Minister for Infrastructure, Catherine King, in 2022, I made her aware of our community’s long-held concerns about the project,” Mayor Power said.

“We know the route was selected without consultation and impacted residents did not get an opportunity to have their say on the route or offer alternatives.”

Logan City Council’s Infrastructure Chair, Teresa Lane, praised the decision to seek a new direction for Inland Rail.

“This just makes common-sense to explore a new route that has less impact on our growing city and booming residential areas,” Ms Lane said.

“I join the Mayor in thanking the new Federal Government for listening to local residents’ genuine concerns about this project.”

Mayor Willcocks said the decision to keep double-stacked trains out of Logan would come as a huge relief for thousands of residents in suburbs including Greenbank and New Beith, which is adjacent to the existing single rail line.

“Many have put their life savings into building a house in these new development areas, only to discover afterwards that hundreds of extra trains could be chugging through their neighbourhood,” Mayor Willcocks said.

“This is great news and a bit like a Christmas present at Easter for these residents.”

Feature image: Tim Frazer, Infrastructure Chair Teresa Lane, Mayor Darren Power and Natalie Willcocks at the rail bridge on Pub Lane, Greenbank. Provided by City of Logan.

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  1. Chris Griffiths 1 year ago

    It’s a Shame Australia is Not Good at Tunneling.
    Of Course You would Need a Big Tunnel for Double Stacked Wagons.
    But also Double Stacked Trains Wear Out the Rail Line and Wagons a Lot Faster.
    Also Again Double Stacked Trains make Electric Trains More Difficult, Hence Sadly Inland Rail will be Using Deisel Locomotives.
    However Hopefully the Federal Government Will Allow Solar Passenger Trains.

  2. Mark Philtrip 1 year ago

    Is there much of a difference between doub
    le stacked trains or single stacked trains. There cannot be much difference in the noise levels just the visual impact. Another consideration is the extra handling costs and the impact on exports and internal consumption.

  3. Chris Rayfield 1 year ago

    Now move the line up to Werris ck and onto Ipswich the section of line could be opened in a matter of months not years

  4. Well Helloooo! 1 year ago

    It never ceases to amaze me that some people who buy property on a rail corridor complain about the the noise of trains. Well helloooo!
    More trains more often is what this country needs to get trucks off the road.

  5. Chris Rayfield 1 year ago

    Run the line from parkes to Werris ck and north to Ipswich vir Tamworth the line north of Armidale could be reopen in a matter of months not years trains would only be single stack of containers with thanks Chris Rayfield

  6. Phil Crichton 1 year ago

    Did anyone consult with people anywhere who actually live alongside a busy railway track?
    What they will find is that track noise does not bother them.
    Years ago, while travelling in our caravan, we stayed 3 weeks at Warragul Caravan Park in Vic., which was very busy with trains and track noise never bothered us.
    This decision sounds political and no mention of the huge increase in truck noise from Ipswich to central Brisbane.

    • Leslie 1 year ago

      Where they want to end it in Ipswich is a stupid idea as millions will have to be spent upgrading the roads and highways as in peak times the highway is stopped and backs up

  7. Stephen 1 year ago

    These people must be with thick, stupid or both. A double stacked train takes away less railway space then a single stacked train. One train with say a hundred double stacked is maybe 1 kilometre long, is less then half the size of maybe 2 trains with single stack it would be then double the length like 2 kilometres..

  8. Brian B 1 year ago

    I’m not sure what the objection is to double stacked trains, but I hope the proponents will be happy with twice the number of trains to carry the same number of containers.

  9. Leslie 1 year ago

    Where they want to end it in Ipswich is a stupid idea as millions will have to be spent upgrading the roads and highways as in peak times the highway is stopped and backs up

  10. Leslie 1 year ago

    Leave it the way it is as it’s worked thus way for how many years. Logan council need to pull there heads out of the a## and stop thinking they are better then every other council.

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