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The Port Rail Transformation Project (PRTP) is set to provide better rail freight solutions through the official opening of a new permanent two-way, single lane in each direction, port vehicle road connecting Dock Link Road and Mullaly Close/Coode Road.

The new road has been named Intermodal Way and is a reflection of the seamless integration of maritime, rail, and road freight modes which converge at the port to move vital cargo that supports the operation of communities, the state, and the nation.

The new road will also make it more efficient to move containers by rail and bypassing roads in inner Melbourne.

Intermodal Way provides an uninterrupted east-west connection for the movement of containers between Dock Link Road and the wider port area.

The new port vehicle road also facilitates the closure of a section of Coode Road between Dock Link Road and Phillipps Road.

Port of Melbourne CEO, Saul Cannon, said, “We are thrilled to announce the completion and opening of Intermodal Way, a key component of the Port Rail Transformation Project.

“We are proud of the progress we have made with the PRTP and are excited to see the benefits it will bring to the port and the wider community.

“This is important progress on meeting the growing demand for better rail freight solutions and will enable more containers to be moved by rail more efficiently, bypassing roads in inner Melbourne.”

The PRTP involves the development and construction of a new rail terminal interfacing with the Swanson Dock East International Container Terminal. The rail terminal includes two new sidings that can handle 600m long trains. Common user rail infrastructure will also be upgraded.

Feature image provided by Port of Melbourne.

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1 Comment
  1. Dennis Allmond 1 year ago

    Rail corridor between Bordertown and Melbourne would be the worst Infrastructure I have ever driven on as I have been a Locomotive Driver for nearly 60yrs it should be flagged for upgrading and track upgrade we have an upcoming youg group of drivers who are undergoing training and they will be burnt out in 10yrs after driving this section of the corridor.
    Dennis Allmond
    60 yrs train driving

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