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Construction on Canberra’s biggest ever transport infrastructure project is ramping up, with the ACT Government building a new side-track over London Circuit in preparation for the delivery of its Light Rail Stage 2A.

 Trucks carrying fill will start arriving on site from 15 May 2023, which will be used to build the new side track – allowing motorists to continue using Commonwealth Avenue while work progresses on raising the London Circuit.

Around 60,000m³ of material will be required to create the level intersection between Commonwealth Avenue and London Circuit.

Member for Murrumbidgee, Chris Steel, said, “The raising of London Circuit by six metres to be level with Commonwealth Avenue will create a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians, open up connections between the city and the lake, and enable the extension of light rail to Commonwealth Park.”

“This milestone is an important one for the project as it moves construction into the major earthworks stage with commencement of the side track build to enable the bridges over London Circuit to be demolished.

“Building this new side track means we are getting on with delivering the biggest transport infrastructure project in our city’s history, whilst keeping our community moving and minimising disruption to Canberrans.

“When the side track is completed later on this year traffic will be diverted to the new road so we can maintain two lanes of traffic on Commonwealth Avenue in each direction as we ramp up work to demolish the two overpass bridges over London Circuit,” Mr Steel said.

The start of work to build the side track will involve trucks bringing in fill material from another construction site in Barton to the raising London Circuit site at both site entrances on Constitution Avenue and Edinburgh Avenue.

The fill material primarily consists of soil which will be used to raise the road before the road pavement and landscaping works are added. Before being brought onto site, the fill is rigorously tested for contaminated materials and to ensure it meets engineering requirements and EPA standards.

Trucks carrying fill will use arterial roads between Barton and the city to import fill from Monday to Friday, between 7am and 5pm and Saturdays between 7am and 1pm.

Mr Steel said, “Around 40 trucks per day are expected to bring in fill to the raising London Circuit site to build the side track.

“To ensure the safety of motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, as well as construction crews and truck drivers, trucks will only use prescribed heavy haulage routes to minimise impacts to the broader road network, drivers will receive safety briefings, and vehicle management and temporary traffic plans are in place.

“Pedestrian detours are also in place outside of the site entrances and a new boom gate will be in operation at Constitution Avenue.

“As large trucks start to arrive on site from next week and continue to increase throughout the project, this is a timely reminder for Canberrans to take extra care on the roads and be aware trucks have larger blind spots and require more time to stop, even at lower speeds.”

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