As many in the infrastructure industry seek ways to reduce their carbon footprint, cut emissions and champion sustainability, recycled products are emerging – providing a circular economy solution for construction site safety.

Cacti Conserve’s recycled products are sustainable consumables, and include Eco Traffic Flags, Eco Barrier Tape and Eco Safety Bunting.

These Eco Site Safety products meet the needs of trade contractors and builders that work on large government and commercial projects – where social procurement and recycled materials targets are mandated. The company’s Eco Site Safety products are made from 100 per cent ocean harvested plastic and recycled post-consumer and industry plastic waste.

Alongside this, Cacti Conserve is also committed to making a wider impact to the community and building a circular economy. To do this, the company donates 50 per cent of profits to conservation projects and supports training and meaningful employment for disadvantaged communities.

Cacti Conserve Founder and Managing Director, Jackson Ellis, said, “We’re deeply committed to helping construction companies minimise their waste footprint.” Mr Ellis explained that sustainability has become, and will continue to, be a major selling point and way to secure industry tenders.

“Expectations are that single use plastics shall become a thing of the past eventually, and that project waste reduction planning and reporting, and the use of sustainable site consumables, shall be key to winning tenders in the construction sector,” Mr Ellis said.

Mr Ellis said that placing high priority on the implementation of site safety measures is already a given in the industry, and Cacti Conserve has combined all of these concepts to deliver site safety solutions using recycled and recyclable materials.

“Our products are Australianmade, we can customise styles and printing on our product lines, and we’ve partnered with Social Enterprise groups to ensure that we are giving back to the community, the environment and to all stakeholders involved,” Mr Ellis said.

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The Eco Site Safety adoption project has been supported by a grant from the Knox City Council Business Support Grants.

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