The City of Greater Geelong has partnered with ENE.HUB – part of digital infrastructure provider Indara – to deliver a range of digital infrastructure projects across the city to improve community connectivity, enhance safety and improve environmental management.

ENE.HUB has installed a network of its SMART.NODEs™ across the Greater Geelong region and will continue to manage and maintain the network as part of a 20-year Digital Infrastructure Agreement.

The SMART.NODE™ is the world’s most advanced street light alternative, ready to accommodate a full suite of digital services and features. The product offers a range of essential and activated digital services such as public Wi-Fi, intelligent lighting, IoT gateways, and CCTV – enhancing connectivity, security and convenience for users.

The City, in partnership with AARNet, delivered 22km of new high-speed optical fibre, which provided critical backbone infrastructure for a network of 54 SMART.NODEs™. The Geelong community will be benefiting from increased connectivity and safety in multiple precincts such as the Geelong Arts Centre, Kardinia Park, the iconic Waterfront and the North Bellarine Aquatic Centre.

This work was undertaken as part of the City-led Smarter Suburbs Program, which is enabling connectivity from the city centre to the northern suburbs of Greater Geelong and has been delivered in collaboration with the Victorian Government through the Connecting Regional Communities Program.

About the SMART.Node

Featuring a sleek, integrated design, the SMART.NODE™ can be fully customised around the needs of local councils and land authorities for applications related to communications, energy, safety, transport, environmental monitoring, infrastructure and more.

It is designed in Australia and manufactured to evolve with a place and community over time. Whether it be urban renewal projects, place making investments or changing mobility arrangements, the digital services offered via the SMART.NODE™ are innovative and ample.

New services, upgrades to existing services and ongoing maintenance can be managed through ENE.HUB’s partnership approach and commercial model that is characterised by coinvestment, shared benefit and ongoing value creation.

To complement the digital services offered by the SMART.NODE™ ENE. HUB has a IOT data and analytics platform called ‘e3’, which has been built from the ground-up to help city authorities monitor and control their digital services.

The platform is also designed to seamlessly integrate legacy systems, and it allows for real-time visualisation of data and sophisticated data analysis.

About ENE.Hub (part of the indara group)

ENE.HUB enables urban digital connectivity by activating and measuring engagement in public places and spaces through the design, manufacture and deployment of smart poles and smart street furniture.

Indara recently completed the acquisition of ENE.HUB, a world leading company that designs, manufactures, and manages digital infrastructure, services, and data analytics to help create the best public places.

Indara, ENE.HUB’s parent company, is Australia’s leading owner and operator of telecommunication sites, providing a network of critical infrastructure to meet Australia’s digital needs now and into the future.

Indara has a portfolio of over 4,300 tower and rooftops sites, as well as several hundred new sites under construction.

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