Setting up a security system is a must for maintaining and protecting critical assets, but a good system involves more than just installing cameras and hiring security personnel. When it comes to nationally significant sites such as critical infrastructure, or large developments, there needs to be a system that can fill the gaps where others cannot.

With critical assets at stake, businesses and government agencies cannot afford to settle for less when installing a surveillance system.

But some assets may face limitations such as being in a remote area where advanced security systems reliant on grid power may not be an option or cost effective.

Often these assets have limited protection or incomplete coverage from traditional wired security systems tethered to buildings or use human personnel to retroactively tackle any intruders or issues.

More often than not, asset managers feel simply forced to do nothing and accept the consequences. However, Spectur fills that gap in the market by offering surveillance solutions for critical infrastructure where it has been previously impossible to set up.

With systems that can automatically analyse and respond to various threats while being off-the-grid, Spectur provides more than just traditional surveillance – it offers advanced solutions necessary to keep essential services protected from theft and vandalism.

No need for wired power or internet

There are many situations where traditional security systems may not be feasible, such as having no access to grid power, being in a remote area or operating in a temporary location. But being impaired by physical location doesn’t mean surveillance is out of the question.

Spectur cameras are not reliant on electricity from the grid because they’re solar-powered. This means locations such as parks, beaches and campgrounds can be monitored even though power connections are not available.

These systems also maintain independent connectivity via the mobile phone network, removing the need for wired connections or even Wi-Fi, which can easily be disrupted.

Instead of spreading human personnel thin across the entire area and throughout the day and night, Spectur instead provides a smart platform that can discern vandals, intruders or hazards, actively deterring them automatically and call for help.

Even for non-remote locations, smart solar-powered camera platforms offer the ability to choose where to place cameras without worrying about having them near a power connection. Cameras can be placed on the perimeter of a property to stop intruders from even jumping the fence.

Combined with artificial intelligence (AI), advanced motion detection algorithms and masking to reduce false alarms, this technology is like having an additional “digital fence”.

There is no other product that offers smart, flexible surveillance and deterrence for remote locations. Spectur camera platforms are built to withstand harsh conditions, require minimal maintenance, and remain online for days through inclement weather, serving as a much-needed solution for off-thegrid security.

Sense, think, act

The Spectur system does not just capture visuals, it also analyses and responds to threats in real-time. While most surveillance cameras can detect threats and record incidents, which can then be used to prosecute individuals responsible for damage or theft, Spectur cameras utilise artificial intelligence to interpret the images being captured.

Rather than waiting to retroactively punish offenders once they have broken in and damaged or stolen anything, the Spectur system can act immediately to stop intruders in the first place. The Spectur system can sense threats, think about the appropriate course of action, then act to prevent harm, damage or theft.

The AI can process images to recognise objects, animals, licence plates and humans to discern what is a real threat or not. From there, the system can undertake different actions depending on the threat, including visual displays, audio alarms, in-app alerts, contacting first responders and more.

As opposed to a retroactive response, Spectur is the only solution that offers reliable, automatic and realtime prevention, which is invaluable for critical assets that provide essential services.

Combining AI and cloud computing

Unlike traditional camera surveillance systems, the Spectur system is enhanced through the use of AI and the combination of cloud and edge computing. While AI can help identify and respond to threats, Spectur’s unique cloud computing allows data to be accessed remotely while also engaging local computing for fast response.

Using fog computing means you get the best of both worlds – cloud and edge computing. Cloud computing allows data to be shared and accessed remotely, but in isolation can increase data transfer costs. Edge computing uses local computing to store large amounts of data and doesn’t rely on a network connection.

With an exclusive licence to use CSIRO’s Data61 AI platform system, Spectur combines both edge and cloud AI to balance storage and analytics between the device and the cloud, optimising performance, power limitations and data costs. This gives industry leading device performance, including the ability to have more sensors for the same amount of power generation, at the lowest price.

This can help reduce false alarms and wireless communication costs, particularly for areas where the internet is limited. With faster and more accurate responses, issues can be resolved now rather than later.

Designed and built in Australia

Relying on surveillance software or technology developed in a country other than Australia could pose a potential security risk, especially for utilities or government assets.

Spectur’s technology, software and cameras are all designed and built in Australia. Using Australian software and technology ensures nationally significant data is not stored on foreign servers, which could potentially fall into the wrong hands.

Additionally, Spectur adheres to national data security standards and protections to prevent data breaches or leaks, which could result in damage or theft of digital assets and information.

Getting your system up to scratch

A security system is more than just good cameras. You need advanced technology that uses AI and edge computing for real-time response, while being able to store all data and capture it in a secure fashion.

Spectur’s system differentiates itself from the rest by offering remote, autonomous and reliable surveillance that can not only spot a problem, but also make a decision and take action.

Whether you’re setting up a new system or upgrading an existing one, it pays to start with the best. For more information on creating safe communities during natural disasters using Spectur’s smart solutions, call 1300 802 960 to talk to our team and find the right solution for your unique on-site challenges.

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