Port of Brisbane.

The 110ML Lytton Fuel Terminal at Port of Brisbane is now complete and set to provide an additional 12 days of imported diesel fuel storage security for Queenslanders. 

The works were expedited with the support of a $15 million loan from the State Government’s Building Acceleration Fund to IOR, assisting with the total project cost of $60 million.

A key component of the upgrades was the construction of two new tanks with a combined capacity of 60ML and the repurposing of an existing 50ML tank, to increase diesel fuel storage in Brisbane by 110ML.

The project also saw the installation of a new underground pipeline, expansion of the FIB2 wharf – including installation of two new marine loading arms – at Fisherman Island, a new fast loading gantry with 18 loading arms, as well as improvements to all electrical services and supporting infrastructure onsite.

Peak on-site employment for the project was 272 full-time employees, above initial expectations of 264. The large majority of the construction work was awarded to Queensland based companies.

Queensland’s Acting Premier, Steven Miles, said while the state is focussed on transitioning to net zero emissions, it’s imperative to ensure the security of diesel fuel in order to keep Queensland moving.

“This project allows for the storage of a significant amount of fuel as well as improved infrastructure to better cater for importing,” Mr Miles said. 

“Importantly, this site has significant expansion potential, including 80ML of additional storage and another truck lane at the loading gantry, meaning more business can be done in and out of the Brisbane Port.

“The Queensland Government’s Building Acceleration Fund made it possible to accelerate the development of the project, which is exactly what it was designed for.”

Lytton MP, Joan Pease, said the State Government committed to delivering infrastructure that stimulates the economy and supports jobs for Queenslanders now and into the future.

“I’m particularly pleased that peak employment for the project was 272 full time positions, above our initial expectation of 264 jobs,” Ms Pease said. 

IOR Managing Director and CEO, Stewart Morland, said IOR is an Australian-owned company and proud to play a key role in increasing fuel security for Queensland through this project. 

“The Lytton Fuel Import Terminal is now the largest diesel only import terminal in Queensland,” Mr Morland said. 

“With an additional 110ML of storage, the essential industries relying on IOR for fuel can have even greater confidence they have the fuel security needed to keep moving.

“That means continued productivity across agriculture, resources, transport, and several other industries vital to the state’s prosperity and employment for Queenslanders.

“For its users, the terminal is helping boost productivity. Less congestion and higher speed pumps than others in Brisbane mean that trucks can be back on the road in as little as 20 minutes.

“Collaborating with the Queensland Government through the Building Acceleration Fund has been hugely successful. The Government’s support has expedited these works to be delivered far sooner, providing Queenslanders with the fuel security they need now.”

Port of Brisbane Chief Development Officer, David Keir, said the joint investment by the Queensland Government and IOR will help ensure the Port of Brisbane can continue to effectively service the growing fuel needs of the region.

“We were pleased to help enable this important project by changing the tenure of the wharf to become common user infrastructure,” Mr Keir said. 

“Port of Brisbane and its supply chain continues to be an economic powerhouse for Queensland, in FY22 contributing approximately $7.8 billion in economic value added to the state economy and supporting almost 63,000 jobs.

“We thank the Government and IOR for their continued commitment to Australia’s premier multi-cargo port.”

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