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Siemens has partnered with Bueno and Setmetrics, two Australian companies in the smart infrastructure sector, welcoming them to Siemens Xcelerator, an open digital business platform to accelerate digital transformation for customers of all sizes. 

As the first two Australian companies to join the Siemens Xcelerator ‘ecosystem’, Bueno and Setmetrics will benefit from having access to global markets via the platform.  

Both companies play a key role in making digital transformation easier, faster and scalable, focusing on sustainable solutions for the built environment. Bueno’s Smart Building Analytics ingests data from a range of sources to provide rich insights to drive smarter decisions especially related to sustainability. 

Setmetrics allows rapid energy modelling to be built, to maximise the return on investment across operational and capital spend in buildings. 

Since the global launch in mid-2022, Siemens Xcelerator has grown significantly to include approximately 100 partners worldwide. At its core is a curated portfolio of Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled hardware and software, an ecosystem of partners and a marketplace. The regional focus for Siemens Xcelerator has been on bringing more specific and complementary technology, based on local needs. 

Bueno and Setmetrics provide software solutions that complement the Siemens’ Smart Infrastructure portfolio and are a natural fit for Siemens Xcelerator marketplace. 

Welcoming the new Siemens Xcelerator partners, Siemens Australia and New Zealand CEO, Peter Halliday, said, “We need to support Australia’s requirement for rapid digital transformation, and although Siemens is the largest industrial software and automation company in the world, we also know we can’t do it on our own. 

“We need complementary partners to help deliver the most comprehensive solutions for customers. Buildings and infrastructure are an important part of Australia’s decarbonisation opportunities and digitalization technologies from Siemens, Bueno and Setmetrics are great enablers for this,” Mr Halliday said.  

Regardless of the vertical market or size of organisations, the Siemens Xcelerator marketplace is designed to help start, accelerate, or amplify digitalisation journeys across any topic – from energy efficiency to sustainability to cybersecurity and more. 

“We’re excited about the opportunities Siemens Xcelerator provides for the region and look forward to working closely with Bueno and Setmetrics and our customers, partners and stakeholders to support their digitalisation journey,” Mr Halliday said. 

Bueno and Setmetrics are in good company as they join other global Siemens Xcelerator partners including the likes of Microsoft, SAP, AWS, Accenture, Nvidia and more.        

Bueno’s founder, Leon Wurfel, welcomed the opportunity.

“Bueno is thrilled to be part of the Siemens Xcelerator marketplace. This initiative shows a real turning point in the industry where Siemens is leading the way by being open to supporting and endorsing solutions like ours as part of their ecosystem,” Mr Wurfel said. 

“At Bueno, we firmly believe that by collaborating and working with technologically progressive companies, such as Siemens, we can create a more efficient and sustainable future for the entire industry. We are proud to be part of the Siemens Xcelerator marketplace and look forward to the positive impact it will have on the industry as a whole.”

Setmetrics CEO, Sam Marks, said,. “Setmetrics is very pleased to have been selected as one of the first Siemens Xcelerator partners in Australia. We’re looking forward to being part of Siemens’ ecosystem, offering solutions for the dynamic and technologically progressive commercial real estate market sector.

“Setmetrics provides software to commercial real estate stakeholders that delivers a clear roadmap to net zero, drives energy efficiency and lowers operating costs of commercial buildings. As a partner on the Siemens Xcelerator marketplace, Setmetrics is able to unlock new markets, offering us global reach with a world leading sustainability and digitalisation brand.”  

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