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Providing an inherent mechanical barrier for cabling, flexible conduit offers more than just protection for cables and installations. It allows users and specifiers to do things differently, challenging traditional installation practices and offers unrivalled product performance.

Benefits of using flexible conduit:

Simplicity: No need for specialist cables and standard & single core cables can be grouped and protected in one system.

Speed of installation: Combining cables means less cable entry points/terminations and ease of fixing with various securing options where no special tools are required.

Lifetime Solution: Can easily add circuits throughout the life of the installation and easily accommodate changes as the installation needs change.

System Integrity: Properties of the conduit can be matched to the potential hazards of the installation as well as a reliable solution for protection of critical cabling.

The advantages of using flexible conduit when compared against rigid conduit: 

  • No bending/corner accessories required
  • Simple cutting plus no thread cutting required
  • Suitable for static and /or dynamic applications
  • Improved strength to weight ratio
  • Long coiled products as opposed to straight lengths – easy to handle
  • No specialist tools required
  • Easy routing of product around obstructions
  • Can be composite, metal or plastic material and can be retrofitted

Similar advantages when comparing flexible conduit fittings against cable glands:

  • Can group multiple cables in one system meaning less terminations
  • Reduced physical glanding space required for termination of cables
  • Reduced risk of system failure due to fewer points of entry
  • Can replace faulty cables without replacing entire System
  • Can upgrade and add circuits with ease
  • Fitting does not have to compress the cable to ensure sealing
  • Can be retrofitted with ease
  • Suitable for use with multiple cable types and quicker to install

As a leading manufacturer of flexible conduit systems, Atkore – Unistrut & Flexicon’s broad range is comprised of over 60 systems to suit a vast range of applications ranging from data centres, infrastructure, renewables and rail.  

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