Featured image: The newly implemented solar panels on the Fremantle Passenger Terminal. Image courtesy of Fremantle Ports. 

A major solar array on the roof of the Fremantle Passenger Terminal – comprising more than 1100 individual panels – has been completed, with the installment helping to power Victoria Quay. 

Covering much of the heritage-listed buildings roof, the 500kw solar array is expected to supply 100 per cent of the passenger terminal’s needs during cruise ship operations and 65 per cent of the Fremantle Port’s administration building requirements. 

The installation of the new solar array complements a recent $3 million investment from the Western Australian Government to upgrade and refurbish the Fremantle Passenger Terminal. 

State Member for Fremantle, and the Minister for Water, Training and Youth, Simone McGurk, said that the installation will help benefit the community and the state.

“Fremantle locals are known for being environmentally conscious so it’s great to see our iconic passenger terminal going green by embracing solar power.

“This impressive installation will not only help power Victoria Quay – it will have the same benefit to the environment as planting 85,000 trees. Renewable energy is the way of the future, but as this project shows, the benefits to the environment can be realised without compromising aesthetics

“This important heritage building holds a special place in the heart of many Freo locals and now is sustainable as well – contributing to Fremantle Ports plan to achieve net-zero emissions by 2027,” Ms McGurk said. 

Fremantle Ports said that careful consideration was given during the installation of the panels, which required approval from the Heritage Council prior to the solar array being installed. This is to ensure that the installation would not be visually detrimental to the heritage value of the building, as well as the panels not being seen from ground level. 

Western Australia Minister for Transport, Planning and Port, Rita Saffioti, said that the installation of the panel can help play a role in climate action throughout the state. 

“The passenger terminal is a very large building which made it ideal for installing 1100 solar panels, delivering one of the largest rooftop solar arrays in the metropolitan area,” Ms Saffioti said. 

“The Government is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and, with this project, Fremantle Ports has demonstrated strong and sensible leadership at the local level in terms of cutting emissions.”

Featured image: The newly implemented solar panels on the Fremantle Passenger Terminal. Image courtesy of Fremantle Ports. 

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