Bulldozer With Blade In The Gravel

Cat® FirstCut™ Cutting Edges for D6-D8 Dozers equipped with semi-u blades

Any experienced operator will tell you that the soil is not always your friend. Tough, compacted, frozen or rocky—the earth is forever throwing up different obstacles, usually when you can least afford it. So it’s just as well that there’s equipment designed to handle whatever’s in your path.

The Cat® FirstCut™ Cutting Edges is designed to succeed where others might fail. How? The patented design of the shallower angle of the intermediate edges has a sharpened and forward-protruding profile. This carefully focuses the machine’s energy on slicing through the soil rather than breaking it up, resulting in up to 35 per cent* larger payload mass and up to 17 per cent* improvement in productivity. And because the blade penetrates the ground that much easier, your machine’s tracks stay fully engaged with the ground, helping to reduce track slip. So even when you push harder, your undercarriage stays pinned to the ground, helping to make your components last longer.

Matched system for long life and superior performance

The patented edge design of Cat FirstCut Cutting Edges features matching end bits that direct material toward the centre of the blade, resulting in better load retention and smaller windrows. The intermediate edges and end bits of Cat FirstCut edges are sharper than traditional DH-2 plate cutting edges, with the end bits and intermediate edges being cast DH-3 steel. This is purposefully designed to tackle tough terrains. And while the centre cutting edge is traditional DH-2 steel, it is thicker than the standard cutting edge to match the thickness of the Cat FirstCut edges, meaning no mid-life flip. Cat FirstCut Cutting Edges are interchangeable with traditional cutting edges, so blade modifications are not necessary because they use the same hardware as traditional systems. Drilled and tapped holes are provided on all components, so you can safely lift the parts into place during installation and removal.

The best of both worlds

The on-plane cutting edge system of Cat FirstCut Cutting Edges means there’s no more trade-off between dig productivity and finish dozing capability: it is designed to provide both. Better yet, its service life is the same as the standard Cat Cutting Edges without mid-life edge flip. How? The system is designed to have equal wear material as standard Cat Cutting Edge systems with DH-3 steel. This means you can expect the same or even more wear life hours without the need to flip the edges and replace the end bits at mid-life.

Built in wear indicators

Every machine owner knows just how expensive blade damage can be. If cutting edges are not replaced at the right time, wear continues into the supporting structure underneath and eventually, the base edge will need to be replaced. That’s the kind of cost every business can do without. Cat FirstCut Cutting Edges have built in wear indicators, so you know when you are approaching end of life. Plus, they offer two times more wear life* than standard Cat Cutting Edges, and with no mid-life flip required.

For long-lasting edges and superior penetration in the toughest conditions, choose Cat FirstCut Cutting Edges.

  • UP TO 35 per cent* INCREASED PAYLOAD

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Caterpillar First Cut. If you’re ready to make the first cut or to find out more about Cat FirstCut Cutting Edges, speak to your local Cat dealer or visit cat.com/cuttingedge-au.

*When compared with standard Cat Cutting Edges

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