Roads serve as the backbone of Australia’s infrastructure, keeping people connected across vast distances. They provide access to essential services, facilitate trade and economic activity, and support seamless movement between regions. As Australia’s cities grow, roads are increasingly relied upon to accommodate traffic and provide safe and efficient transportation. That’s why employing robust maintenance and repair solutions is paramount to ensuring continued development and connectivity for the nation’s present and future needs.

The management of road assets is a complex challenge that requires balancing the needs of road users, the surrounding communities and the environment while ensuring infrastructure’s continued functionality, safety, and sustainability. Moreover, it can be a costly undertaking and a significant resource drain.

As Australia’s cities grow, the climate changes, and infrastructure ages, finding low-impact solutions for repairing and maintaining roads becomes increasingly pertinent.

For almost 30 years, Mainmark has developed and delivered advanced technologies for ground engineering and asset preservation, working with the infrastructure industry to provide solutions to complex geotechnical issues alongside engineers and major stakeholders.

Non-invasive road remediation

Mainmark provides its well-established Teretek® Resin Injection technique as a fast, non-disruptive, and economical solution for re-levelling subsided pavements and structures and strengthening subgrade soils associated with pavement failures.

Teretek® materials expand in a controlled manner, allowing their targeted placement to fill voids, reconfirm support, and raise subsided pavements with precision. The use of Teretek® supports a proactive approach to strengthening assets to withstand future conditions effectively.

Mainmark solutions are non-invasive and eliminate the need for extensive roadway disruption or excavation. Often, these operations can be carried out overnight, and unlike traditional repair or replacement methods, our technologies have fast delivery and curing times. Treated areas can be used immediately, keeping Australia’s essential transport moving.

Mainmark’s solutions are particularly well suited for repairing sunken roadways (both concrete and asphalt), supporting the long-term infrastructure stability of roads, addressing voids or cavities, and reinforcing road foundations to ensure their longevity.

Some of the more common applications for the remediation of roadways with Resin Injection are:

  • The filling of voids directly beneath pavements to reconfirm support and limit deflection and deterioration
  • Raising subsided pavements to re-establish design levels, drainage, or camber gradients to restore a safe and comfortable ride for motorists.
  • Void filling, re-supporting, and raising bridge approach and relieving slabs.
  • To provide targeted ground improvement to weak subgrade soils.

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