Operational Technology Specialist, Madison Technologies, has announced the strengthening of its partnership with Mobotix, a global leader in AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) cameras and intelligent camera solutions.  

This strategic alliance supports a collaborative approach to solving customer challenges. As the digitisation of the industrial landscape continues to evolve, the potential of AIoT and thermal imaging cameras has expanded exponentially, unveiling many new use cases across various sectors. 

Vice President Sales APAC at Mobotix, Ryan Philip, said that partnering with Madison Technologies opens up new possibilities for supporting customers with tailored use cases. 

“Madison seeks to understand the challenges faced by their customers, and coupled with our advanced AI and technical teams; we can deliver comprehensive solutions that redefine the use of intelligent cameras and provide data insights beyond normal camera vision,” Mr Philip said. 

This partnership also brings enhanced collaboration between Madison Technologies and Mobotix’s German headquarters, providing access to a wealth of technical knowledge and support.

Madison Technologies can now work directly with the Mobotix Research and Development team. As a result, they can present unique customer challenges to Mobotix and explore the development of new applications.

Madison Technologies Program Manager – Industrial IoT/AIoT, Luke Kavanagh, said that Mobotix has a remarkable history of innovation. 

“As the first company to deploy decentralised IP camera architecture, Mobotix has consistently been at the forefront of advancing intelligent camera technology,” Mr Kavanagh said.  

“This partnership enables us to bring these cutting-edge solutions to our customers in critical operational environments, empowering them to enhance safety, gain valuable insights, and optimise their operations.”

Having supplied Mobotix cameras to customers for over 15 years, Madison Technologies has witnessed significant technological advancements, increasing the use cases of intelligent cameras in the industrial landscape.

Utilising AI to analyse data in real-time at the edge, the latest intelligent cameras are equipped with built-in processors, memory, and software algorithms that enable them to perform tasks beyond simple image or video capture. Thermal cameras can go even further to detect and visualise heat signatures rather than relying on visible light.  

Beyond traditional surveillance applications, these cameras provide visibility and real-time alerts to operation issues, give situational awareness across potential danger zones, generate data for predictive asset maintenance, and drive organisational improvements. 

Mobotix-certified applications can be added to the cameras for various purposes, including early fire detection, traffic monitoring, heat monitoring, occupancy levels, license plate recognition and more.

National Manager – Technology Solutions & Innovation at Madison Technologies, Ash Khan, “Previously, monitoring and analysing various attributes of an asset with a camera required multiple independent technologies.

“If computer vision analytics were needed, separate computer processing capability was required.

“You needed to deploy a separate thermal camera if you wanted a thermal reading. If I/O was a requirement, it was an outside-the-camera solution – the list goes on. All this complexity made the solution harder to deploy, harder to maintain, harder to manage, and harder to integrate. With the newest models from Mobotix, these features are now fully integrated as a single piece of technology, providing a simplified solution.”

About Madison Technologies

Madison Technologies is a leading provider of Industry 4.0 solutions, specialising in delivering innovative technologies for industrial automation, connectivity, and networking. With a strong presence in the Australian and New Zealand markets, Madison Technologies is dedicated to providing exceptional products and technical expertise to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

About Mobotix

Mobotix is a global pioneer in AIoT cameras and innovative surveillance solutions. As the first company to deploy decentralised IP camera architecture, Mobotix has a rich history of driving advancements in AIoT technology. Manufactured and assembled in Germany by hand, Mobotix cameras are industrialised from the ground up with no moving parts, offering exceptional reliability and performance in extreme conditions.

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Madison Technologies. For more information about Madison Technologies and Mobotix’s advanced AIoT cameras, visit https://madison.tech/brands/mobotix.

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