The new eXtra cabling experience

Push-X technology is the new way of connecting wires with

out exception in tool-free cabling.

How Push-X cable connection works

The heart of this new technology is a pre-tensioned additional internal contact spring. It allows users to connect rigid and flexible cables with ferrules or without them. Another big advantage is that even the smallest flexible cables trigger a connection. Contact with the cable is achieved effortlessly by lightly striking the release surface inside the clamping chamber. The contact spring is released by touch, ensuring safe and lasting contact with the conductor.


Security and reliability of connections

An interesting function that increases the security of the connection is the orange button, which collapses when connected, signaling to the user that the cable is properly connected. When a cable needs to be pulled out, the connected cables are released by pressing the orange button using a screwdriver, as with the well-known Push-in connection technology. At the same time as the wire is released, the contact spring is pre-tensioned for the new wiring process and to be ready for the next connection.


Easy identification of connectors in the installationA convenience for the user is the QR code that each Push-X terminal has printed on the housing wall, which takes users to the product page with all necessary information about the product.

The fastest cable connection technology in the world

Push-X connectors are delivered from the factory with an open terminal chamber, and thanks to the lack of the need to use ferrules on the connected cables, this technology is one of the fastest and most flexible connection technologies on the market.

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