As vital transportation infrastructure, airports provide critical services to support a variety of industries, from tourism to freight. But with high demand comes an increasing strain on aviation assets. In order to maintain this crucial infrastructure, airports need a fast, non-disruptive solution to remediate airport and taxiway subsidence.

High use can see vital airport pavement degrade, potentially resulting in accidents, damage to aircraft and vehicles, and service delays for passengers. This is why proactive remediation is paramount for keeping runways and taxiways operational.

Across Australia and internationally, ground-engineering specialist Mainmark, has been providing fast, non-disruptive & cost-effective solutions to remediate subsidence beneath commercial and defence airport facilities assets since 1989.

One of its solutions, Teretek® Resin Injection, is a technology that has been qualified, tested, and adopted by infrastructure authorities across Australia. It offers a unique method for addressing voiding and loadbearing capacity issues in ageing infrastructure foundation systems, while avoiding the significant operational disruption and high costs often associated with pavement removal and replacement.

Ideal for airports

Teretek® materials expand in a controlled manner, allowing targeted placement to fill voids, reconfirm support, and raise subsided pavements with precision. The application process does not require extensive excavation, demolition, or heavy machinery, as the resin is injected into the slab through small holes, filling voids and supporting the slab.

As soon as the repairs are complete, the slab is ready to return to full use, making Teretek® a faster solution compared to traditional repair methods. This means repairs can take place in only a few hours without disrupting services and causing delays for passengers, making it ideal for airports during peak travel periods.

Teretek® can also be used for targeted ground improvement to restore and enhance bearing capacity for weak or failing subgrades.

Through the injection process, the expansion of the injected material compacts and strengthens the subgrade soils beneath the pavements, providing additional support.

Mainmark’s solutions and technologies are particularly well suited to address the complex challenges of airport pavement repair, including:

  • The filling of voids directly beneath pavements to reconfirm support and limit deflection and deterioration
  • Raising subsided pavements to re-establish design levels and/or drainage gradients
  • To provide targeted ground improvement to weak subgrade soils

Remediate, not replace

When faced with high demand for aviation travel, deploying a fast, non-disruptive solution is the only way to protect assets and keep airports running. While other traditional methods require excavation or infrastructure replacement, Mainmark offers innovative and cost-effective ground engineering and asset preservation solutions to remediate slabs and pavements.

Finding ways to extend the lifespan of existing infrastructure, rather than replacing facilities and assets, can help airports save costs and avoid disruptions.

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