NHP offers the ultimate personnel safety and asset protection with a complete range of medium voltage products and solutions, combined with long term support and service to rely upon.

NHP’s quality medium voltage range is manufactured in Europe and includes cast resin and oil immersed transformers, fixed and demountable switchgear, ring main units and protection relays. NHP can also design and manufacture customised kiosk solutions, including full MV/LV kiosks, outdoor enclosed MV switchgear substations and outdoor rated enclosed transformers.

Coupled with a local and experienced team of MV experts, NHP provides project solutions that focus on:

  • Safety of people
  • Reliability of product
  • Availability of power
  • Compliance to standards
  • Customisation of solutions to meet your needs Features and benefits of NHP’s medium voltage range include:
  • The ‘Arc-Killer’ quenching system, which quenches an arcing fault within 48ms
  • No need to externally vent arc fault gasses
  • Increased personnel safety and minimised switchgear damage
  • Visible earth switch and in line isolation
  • Highest levels of safety when testing cables
  • Cast resin transformers with arc mitigation by design
  • Switchgear and transformers with a 50-year design life
  • Modern vacuum switching and load break technology
  • Sets a new standard for reduced partial discharge
  • Environmental (E3), climate class (C2) and fire behaviour class (F1)
  • A demonstration and training facility at NHP’s headquarters in Melbourne

Maximise safety with NHP’s unique ‘arc-killer’

NHP’s switchgear solutions feature a unique arc quenching system called the ‘Arc-Killer’, which quenches an arcing fault within 48ms for its air insulated switchgear and 25ms for its gas insulated ring main units.

Such a fast arc fault clearance rate not only protects people from danger, but also protects the switchgear panels from damage, ensuring maximum power availability and high reliability.

Project delivery and engineering capabilities

NHP’s dedicated project team ensures seamless project delivery while providing engineering support and flexible customised solutions.

The company has also successfully delivered projects for over ten years in the defence, mining, healthcare, critical infrastructure and food and beverage sectors.

Services include:

  • Engineering and local customisation
  • Analysis and performance simulation
  • Electrical and 3D design development
  • Local manufacturing and factory acceptance testing
  • Low and medium voltage servicing and support
  • Training and product familiarisation services

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by NHP. For more information, call 1300 NHP or email nhpsales@nhp.com.au

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