The new Quint Power Plus version from Phoenix Contact is the solution for complex applications even under extreme ambient conditions.

The power supply, featuring a nominal output current of 40 A, comes with a protective coating and holds ATEX and IECEx approvals, making it suitable for use in potentially explosive areas (zone 2). Equipped with an integrated decoupling MOSFET, this power supply can be easily connected in parallel, enhancing system availability. Moreover, with its SIL 3 approval, the Plus version ensures a high level of operational safety.

The Quint Power Plus version boasts double OVP (overvoltage protection), safeguarding the system against voltage surges. In the event of a fault, the relevant output is deactivated to protect the connected loads from overvoltages, while the parallel-connected power supply ensures a reliable power source.

This versatile power supply finds its primary applications in various industries, including the process industry, shipbuilding, the energy sector, and even the railway industry. On the input side, it offers robustness with an input voltage range of 85 V AC to 264 V AC and includes an integrated gas discharge tube, providing excellent immunity (up to 6 kV) and a mains failure buffer time of ≥20 ms.

The powerful output side delivers a static boost of 45 A, dynamic boost of 60 A, and features SFB Technology, enabling easy system expansion and ensuring a reliable startup of challenging loads while protecting against standard miniature circuit breaker tripping.

Comprehensive signaling and preventive function monitoring, including analog, digital, and relay contacts, allow for early detection of critical operating states before faults occur. The new Plus version stands out with its exceptional temperature tolerance, ranging from -40°C to +75°C, making it suitable for operation under extreme ambient conditions.

This sponsored editorial was brought to you by Phoenix Contact. To learn more about power supplies with maximum functionality click here. 

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