Maintaining rail infrastructure and assets requires preventative maintenance strategies that provide quick and non-disruptive solutions for track subsidence. With millions of people taking advantage of Australia’s public transport systems, a delay caused by faulty infrastructure can bring the country to a halt.

When finding a solution to repair and strengthen rail assets, a fast, non-disruptive method isone way to prevent unnecessary delays to services. Since 1989, Mainmark has been at the forefront of ground remediation solutions for subsiding rail assets, including station platforms, bridge relieving slabs, rail crossings, and rail ballast formations.

Mainmark’s cutting-edge technologies offer rapid, non-disruptive, and cost-effective methods to re-level rail infrastructure, strengthen subgrade soils, and address structural challenges.

A unique solution

One of Mainmark’s solutions is Teretek®, a unique solution that can deliver both ground improvement and re-levelling. Teretek® materials can fill voids, reconfirm support, and raise subsided pavements with precision. Using a non-intrusive method, Teretek®, does not require extensive excavation, demolition, heavy machinery or disruption of services.

The resin is injected through small holes, filling voids, re-establishing support, and providingtargeted ground improvement to suitable compactable soils. With no curing time required, the asset is ready to return to full use as soon as the repairs are complete, making Teretek®, a faster solution compared to traditional repair methods, andkeeping railways on track.

Teretek® can also be used for targeted ground improvement to restore and enhance bearing capacity for weak or failing subgrades.

Through the injection process, the expansion of the injected material compacts the adjacent soils and strengthens the subgrade soils, providing additional support.

Common applications include:

• Enhancing weak subgrade soils across railway networks and rail crossings
• Filling voids beneath rail platforms
• Raising subsided sections to original levels
• Bolstering rail ballast
• Restoring proper drainage and alignment
• Ensuring railway safety

Fast and non-disruptive

Strengthening rail infrastructure involves finding long-term repair solutions instead of replacing critical assets. With a fast, non-disruptive solution like Teretek®, rail operators can save costs and prevent delays by remediating critical assets.

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