Traditional security can provide reliable protection for critical infrastructure by actively monitoring and preventing theft or damage, so long as security personnel are onsite. Smart security systems can provide eyes where traditional security cannot, offering a comprehensive service that ensures buildings and assets are not left vulnerable.

Security guards cannot always be onsite and traditional camera systems cannot always be installed, especially on remote or occupied sites, leaving opportunities for potential criminals to break-in and cause damage. However, smart security technology can complement traditional systems to provide responsive surveillance and active deterrence.

Spectur provides smart security platforms that can not only detect danger, but also actively deter threats. With a variety of applications, Spectur’s systems can keep an eye on remote sites, prevent break-ins and theft, monitor ecosystems and protect communities.

When paired with intelligent surveillance that utilises cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) to gather imagery and information, smart security systems can offer an all-encompassing service to keep critical sites safe.

Securing major infrastructure projects

For nationally-significant infrastructure, security is vital to prevent theft, vandalism or damaged equipment that would cause interruptions and delays. Developers and managers cannot afford guards or cameras to miss anything, especially if that means adding weeks or months onto a multi-year project’s timeline in order to fix damage or replace equipment.

If security guards are not onsite at the time of a break-in, the intruders are often long-gone by the time any personnel turn up. Deploying Spectur’s security systems can help deter any potential intruders on large construction sites by responding to intruders before they break-in.

Spectur’s camera systems are selfcontained, smart platforms capable of capturing imagery and responding in real-time to threats. With AI-enabled cameras and sensors, Spectur’s systems can trigger alarms, identify number plates, detect motion and send out alerts to create a digital fence that actively prevents criminal activity.

Monitoring unoccupied buildings

When a building is left unoccupied and there is no staff around to monitor the site, it can become a target for intruders. Spectur’s camera systems can provide another set of eyes while security personnel are away. But not all intruders breaking into unoccupied buildings will be potential criminals. Sometimes they are homeless people seeking shelter or children looking for fun.

Certain sites are dangerous for the general public to enter, which means deterring intruders not only protects the site but also keeps people safe from harm or injury. Especially for homes or schools left vacant during the holiday season, when there is no one around, a smart security system can provide assurance that a building is always being monitored.

Keeping an eye on remote assets

Remote energy assets are particularly vulnerable to theft and vandalism, being far away from urban areas, hard to access and regularly left unattended. For many locations, traditional security systems such as cameras and security guards are difficult to set up or employ, so many asset owners have no choice but to do nothing.

However, Spectur camera platforms can be set up anywhere, since they are wireless and solar-powered, making them ideal for remote locations where there is no wired electricity or internet connection. Unlike traditional systems, Spectur’s systems have a built-in 3G/4G modem to transmit data and are powered by solar PV and battery storage.

While a regular camera would need to be set up close to an asset or on the building itself in order to be connected to power and internet, a Spectur platform can be set up on the perimeter of a site, meaning intruders can be stopped before they even make it onto the property.

When there is no one else around and traditional security options are not possible, smart security systems offer an alternative to protect these critical remote energy assets.

All-encompassing system

Traditional security has its limitations, with cameras being unable to respond to threats and security guards not always being on patrol.

But, when paired with smart security systems, the additional capabilities of AI, sensors, remote functionality and more can fill in the gaps to make sure no site is left unguarded and vulnerable.

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