ARTC Inland Rail has heard feedback from over 400 Euroa locals, stakeholders and community groups on the design of the Euroa Railway Station precinct. 

ARTC staff discussed the design to modify the station precinct and replace the Anderson Street bridge with locals and other groups, with hundreds more locals providing feedback on the proposed design.

In Victoria, Inland Rail work will be carried out at 12 project sites between Beveridge and Albury to enable double-stacked freight trains to pass safely. 

ARTC Victoria and South Australian General Manager Projects, Ed Walker, said that ARTC is thankful to everyone who viewed the latest design for the Euroa Railway Station precinct and Anderson Street underpass and took time to share their feedback.

“Every discussion and interaction has been recorded and will be considered in the final design,” Mr Walker said. 

“Next year we’ll continue to refine the design, incorporating community feedback where possible, and sharing this locally as we take the next steps in building Inland Rail.”

Featured image: A digital render of the new Euroa Station platform. Image credit: ARTC Inland Rail.

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  1. Darryl Humphrey 4 months ago

    i would lkike to see the full plans for the station and (overpass / crossing / underpass) as well as plans of the station presinct today / past and future as this would make it a lot easier to deside on whitch would be the most aproprobrite for the site for today / tomorrow and for the future

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