Rumble strips have been installed on 189km of the Castlereagh Highway in New South Wales, with the aim of ensuring safer drives for motorists. 

Transport for NSW Regional Director West, Alistair Lunn, said that the Audio Tactile Line Marking (ATLM), generally known as ‘rumble strips’, had been installed along centre and edge lines of the highway.

“The rumble strip installation along sections of the Castlereagh Highway between Dunedoo and Lithgow began in October 2023 and is now complete, with some final line marking to take place in February,” Mr Lunn said.

“This is a highly effective road safety treatment proven to reduce crashes by 15 to 25 per cent, by producing that vibration effect when a vehicle has left its travel lane.

“Fatigue and inclement weather can cause motorists to drift out of their lanes, and the rumble strips provide a timely reminder during these occasions as well as night-time driving where visibility might not be as good.

“The vibration warning provides motorists the opportunity to correct their path before they veer off the edge of the road or into oncoming traffic.”

The Castlereagh Highway rumble strips installation aims to improve safety and reduce the risk of head-on and run-off road crashes.

In the five years from 2018 to 2022, 175 crashes occurred on the Castlereagh Highway between Lithgow and Dunedoo. From these crashes, six people were killed and 157 people were injured, 34 seriously. 

The project is funded by the New South Wales Government as part of its Saving Lives Accelerated Program, investing $46 million to install ATLM on high-risk rural roads in the three years to 2026.

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