Veriforce CHAS, the renowned UK-based provider of supply chain risk prevention, compliance, and supply chain management solutions, has announced the launch of CHAS Australia. 

Headquartered in Sydney, this expansion brings the award-winning compliance services of Veriforce CHAS to Australia, providing contractors, clients and material suppliers across the ANZ region with comprehensive support in navigating ever-evolving legislation and increasing regulatory standards. 

Established in 1997, CHAS is a trusted name in supply chain risk management in the United Kingdom, offering industry-leading health and safety assessments and pioneering risk management accreditation schemes. With over 25 years of experience setting risk management standards and compliance benchmarks, CHAS has completed more than half a million assessments tailored to various sectors and client requirements.

CHAS is part of Veriforce, the world’s largest supply chain risk management network, which serves more than 3,200 hiring companies and 80,000 contractors in over 130 countries.

CHAS Australia assists buyer organisations such as construction, mining and facilities management companies to effectively manage supply chain risks in an ever-changing business landscape. CHAS will help contractors and material suppliers to demonstrate compliance with dynamic legislation and regulatory standards, helping them to secure work. 

Gaining accreditation with CHAS is a recognised stamp of approval, signifying a commitment to responsible business practices and compliance across a range of business-critical areas. This includes workplace health and safety, environmental management and modern slavery, state-specific labour laws and insurance legislation as well as client-specific accident and incident reporting standards.

Key benefits of becoming a Veriforce CHAS Contractor include:

  • Increase compliance standards: Highlight compliance in critical areas such as workplace health and safety, environmental management, and more
  • Save time and money: Streamline the pre-qualification tendering process by avoiding multiple assessments with different bodies
  • Pre-qualify for contracts: Access a growing network of clients across Australia and various industries
  • Effortlessly manage compliance policies: Utilise MY CHAS, an online contractor portal, to centralise and update compliance documents
  • Peace of mind as part of Veriforce: Benefit from being part of the world’s largest supply chain risk management network

Key benefits of becoming a Veriforce CHAS Client include: 

  • Manage supply chain risks: Instantly access the CHAS Client Portal to optimise procurement and supply chain activities
  • Filter views of contractors: Find contractors and suppliers with demonstrated compliance in up to ten areas of risk management
  • Access state and client-specific information: Obtain answers to state-specific and client-specific questionnaires

Commenting on the launch of CHAS Australia, Veriforce CHAS Managing Director, Ian McKinnon, said that he is thrilled to announce the expansion of Veriforce CHAS’s award-winning compliance services into Australia with the launch of CHAS Australia. 

“With over two decades of experience in supply chain risk management, CHAS is a beacon of trust and reliability in the United Kingdom,” Mr McKinnon said.  

“This strategic move into the Australian market underscores our commitment to supporting businesses in navigating the complex landscape of compliance, ensuring they meet the highest standards of health and safety, environmental management, and more.

“Our proven track record in the UK, where we have set industry benchmarks for over 25 years, positions CHAS Australia as a valuable partner for those seeking to not only meet but exceed compliance expectations.”

Infrastructure safety specialists

GM Safety has been an independent safety advisor for over ten years and Gary Magee, owner of the company, became a Chartered Member of the UK’s Institute of Occupational Health and Safety in 2016. GM Safety assists over 50 SMEs with their safety management systems and associated actions.

GM Safety encourages all of its clients to gain an SSIP accreditation and Mr Magee said that CHAS is very much its preferred provider.

Mr Magee explained that when filling out Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQs) when tendering for work, an SSIP accreditation tells a prospective client that you work safely. 

“Even when dealing with smaller companies or domestic clients, the accreditation gives them peace of mind knowing that your health and safety management systems have been audited by a third party. We were looking to simplify this process and reduce the amount of time spent in this area.

“I personally like SSIP accreditations because I am trying to get busy business owners and managers to review their policies and risk assessments, consult with their staff and to carry out safety audits. The annual SSIP accreditation renewal really pushes these and other important actions up the priority ladder.” 

Mr Magee said that he recommends CHAS to his clients for their SSIP accreditations. 

“From my extensive experience of using CHAS, I have found them to be helpful, their portal is easy to use for the application, they are very competitively priced and their response time is very quick. 

“Two recent applications for CHAS Advanced and CHAS Elite that I assisted clients with were both accredited within four days, amazing responses.“I would wholeheartedly recommend CHAS to anybody working in construction.”

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