Madison Technologies, a leading provider of resilient industrial technology solutions, has been appointed as the exclusive operational technology supplier for Cisco in Australia, following Cisco’s global announcement of its new operational technology strategy. 

This partnership recognises Madison Technologies’ three-decade legacy of innovation in the operational technology (OT) space, setting a new benchmark for industrial connectivity and digital transformation in the region.

Paul Calabro, CEO of Madison Technologies, said that he is excited that the work the company has done with Cisco in the region has been recognised with its appointment as Cisco’s exclusive OT supplier in Australia. 

“This unique partnership with Cisco enables us to offer our customers advanced IoT and Meraki IoT products, competitive pricing, and expert OT support,” Mr Calabro said. 

“More than just product access, it’s about shaping the future of industrial connectivity, fostering IT/OT convergence, and fast-tracking digital transitions in critical operational environments. Our commitment is to create lasting value and efficiency in these environments, ensuring our clients and our system integrator customers stay at the forefront of innovation, and the OTS program enables that.”

The Cisco OT Supplier Program, exclusively delivered by Madison Technologies in Australia, is specifically designed to empower system integrators with the resources, expertise, and tools they need to thrive in today’s dynamic industrial environment. 

By becoming a Cisco Partner through Madison Technologies, businesses are not just accessing the Cisco IoT portfolio, they’re unlocking a partnership that brings with it a wealth of expertise and a commitment to long-term success. It also enables access to partnership benefits, empowering small to medium-sized systems integrators with the buying power to competitively offer Cisco IoT products.

Program highlights include:

  • Enhanced competitive advantage: exclusive pricing on a select range ensures system integrators can offer the best value to their clients
  • Rapid access to Cisco IoT stock: immediate availability of a wide range of Cisco industrial inventory, ensuring quick deployment without delays
  • Expert OT support: direct access to experienced technical engineers from both Madison Technologies and Cisco for pre-sales support, design, and implementation assistance
  • Streamlined onboarding and support: a simplified Cisco Partner onboarding process, facilitating quicker access to Cisco resources and support
  • Advanced industry insights: exclusive insights into Cisco product updates, roadmaps, and end-of-life announcements, allowing partners to plan and adapt with speed
  • Comprehensive post-sales support: ongoing assistance with product troubleshooting, updates, and optimisation

Cisco Program Manager, Daniel Stuckey, said that the alignment between Cisco and Madison Technologies reflects a shared vision for the future of industrial operations. 

“Our collaboration is built on a foundation of mutual expertise and a commitment to excellence,” Mr Stuckey said. 

“Together, we are setting a new standard for operational technology supply in Australia, ensuring system integrators have the support and resources they need to succeed in the rapidly evolving industrial landscape. This agreement is not just about supplying products; it’s about building a community of innovation that drives real change in the industry.”

As Australia’s only Cisco OT Supplier Partner, Madison Technologies is uniquely positioned to support system integrators nationwide, enhancing their competitive advantage and enabling rapid, efficient project delivery. This partnership reaffirms Madison Technologies’ commitment to driving the digital transformation journey, ensuring Australian industries are equipped to lead in the era of Industry 4.0.

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