The consequences of air circuit breaker failure can be financially costly and potentially dangerous to personnel. Retrofit solutions can help address this issue by allowing end users to modernise their air circuit breakers with minimal downtime.

Retrofitting of air circuit breakers (ACBs) is typically 80 per cent cheaper than replacing an entire switchboard, with the key components of the system able to be quickly replaced. NHP’s ACB retrofit solutions are specifically designed to allow the existing switchboard to remain fundamentally unchanged, with only the obsolete ACB replaced.

Existing busbars and cables remain unaltered, therefore simplifying the installation process and reducing downtime. As well as improved safety and functionality, modern ACBs also clear short-circuits much faster than older models. This means that the incident arc energy is correspondingly lower, which in turn reduces arc flash hazard.

The NHP ACB retrofit solution has been designed according to relevant Australian and New Zealand standards and recognised industrial practices, ensuring the controlled removal of ACBs that are obsolete and potentially dangerous. With retrofit and upgrade options available for most brands and models of ACB, NHP can work within the existing switchboard environment to provide a cost-effective solution.

A gamechanger in electrical safety

The most likely time for an incident to occur in a switchroom is during electrical and mechanical operations, such as switching, isolation and racking of circuit breakers. Most similar products currently available on the market still require humans to enter the switchroom to fit the racking device while the system is live. They wear PPE, but that is the least effective means of reducing risk in the hierarchy of control.

NHP’s TemRack iR is an integrated, remote racking device, protecting personnel from hazardous conditions during switchgear operations, as they can be located away from the switchgear, minimising the risk of injury. This improved safety solution is especially important for sites which must maintain ACBs and perform racking IN/OUT operations. NHP’s Services and Solutions team offers the installation of the TemRack iR as part of a new ACB build or via a retrofit service to Terasaki AR2 ACBs, allowing users to minimise risks and maximise safety of your personnel.

Total care package for peace of mind

Poorly maintained ACBs can lead to catastrophic product failure during operation. The consequences of this can be lost production, significant downtime, costly repairs and financial penalties from government safety authorities if on-site personnel are injured.

NHP created the Total Care Package, which includes year-round support, an emergency back-up service, extended warranty and many other beneficial features, all bundled into an annual payment. NHP is committed to supporting our customers for the life of their project and beyond.

Equipped with comprehensive product knowledge, our technicians are committed to delivering the best practice of electrical services, while providing an exceptional customer experience. Take advantage of NHP’s Total Care Package, and the peace of mind that comes from comprehensive product knowledge and best practice electrical services.

Customer service commitment

The NHP Services and Solutions team helps you achieve your goals with services designed to minimise downtime, stabilise maintenance costs, and modernise plant assets. NHP brings together internationally recognised power distribution and protection products with local knowledge and expertise, and a local footprint – to deliver best practice services from concept design, through to installation, project management and after-sales service.

NHP understands the complexities of your project, and that’s why our products and service offerings are designed to help overcome any issues that may arise. No matter how good a product may be, it is nothing without dedicated people to support that product; NHP is committed to excellence in servicing the needs of our customers. If your project is focused on a profitable, safe and sustainable operation, our customised value add service and training offering is the place to start.

For more information on NHP Services and Solutions, call your local NHP Account Representative: Australia – 1300 NHP NHP New Zealand – 0800 NHP NHP

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