With the testing of turn-up-and-go services well underway, Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel is set to open in 2025, a year ahead of schedule. 

Victorian Premier, Jacinta Allan, and Transport Infrastructure Minister, Danny Pearson, visited State Library station to mark this critical phase of the project’s complex testing program that will create capacity for trains to run constantly from the Cranbourne/Pakenham lines through the Metro Tunnel to the Sunbury line.

In March, crews successfully ran test trains two minutes apart between West Footscray and Hawksburn stations, using cutting edge high-capacity signalling technology that will revolutionise Melbourne’s train network.

Crews have clocked over 16,500km running through the tunnels since July 2023 – paving the way to begin trial operations with drivers and station staff by the end of 2024.

As one of two stations coming to life deep beneath Melbourne’s CBD, State Library Station was excavated to the deepest level of the Metro Tunnel project at around 40m – deeper than the height of Marvel Stadium. 600 workers are currently employed on the station’s construction.

26,000 people a day are expected to use State Library Station, which will showcase a grand main entrance near the corner of LaTrobe and Swanston Street, complete with cathedral-like arched ceilings at platform level.

In addition to the station’s 27 escalators and 19 lifts, an underground walkway will connect the station to Melbourne Central Station for an easy transfer between Metro Tunnel and City Loop services without passing through Myki gates.

The Metro Tunnel will connect the busy Sunbury, Cranbourne and Pakenham lines through a new tunnel under the city, creating an end-to-end rail line from the north-west to the south-east – freeing up space in the City Loop and creating capacity to run more trains more often.

Ms Allan said that the State Government is getting on with its promise of building the Metro Tunnel – and its delivering it a whole year ahead of schedule.

“Test trains are now running on new signalling tech, and we’re getting ready to deliver turn-up-and-go transport services that will change the way our city moves forever.”

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