The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) has released a discussion paper regarding the sector’s current workforce deficit, and has called on the industry to share their thoughts on how to overcome this challenge.  

The ACA said in the paper that the construction industry is increasingly unable to deliver the infrastructure projects that are needed, when they are needed and for an affordable price. The gap between the available workforce and the workforce needed is growing while productivity growth stagnates and costs increase. 

The ACA has also launched the Foundations and Frontiers 24 (FF24) forum, which will take place on August 8. FF24 will bring together key stakeholders from across the industry with representatives from all sectors. 

It will provide a forum to discuss the challenges outlined in the discussion paper, as well as broader challenges facing the industry. More importantly the aim of the forum is to find solutions and improved ways of working together to implement them.

It is intended that the Foundations and Frontiers forum will become an annual event similar to the COP sustainability and Davos economic summits where goals are set and progress tracked.

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