Queenslanders are set to benefit from a major reduction to public transport fares as the State Government implements an initiative to ease cost of living pressures and reduce traffic congestion. 

From 5 August, the cost of all Translink public transport services will be slashed to 50 cents, no matter where you live or how far you travel. 

Significantly reducing the cost barrier to public transport will encourage more people to leave the car at home, which is expected to lead to a reduction in road congestion. 

A single bus takes 50 cars off the road and a train takes 600 cars off the road. 

The initiative will be in place for six months. 

Customers will still need to ‘tap on’ and ‘tap off’ for their journey using Smart Ticketing, a go card, or by purchasing a paper ticket, in order to access the reduced fare. 

The Big Build is increasing capacity on the bus, rail and tram network as the population grows. 

It’s expected this initiative will increase public transport patronage and reduce congestion on Queensland’s busy roads. 

Public transport usage remains about 13 per cent below pre-COVID levels. 

The measure is due to have a disinflationary effect and will help to lower both transport CPI and inflation in Queensland through the second half of 2024. 

Queensland Premier, Steven Miles, said that for someone catching the train to work in Brisbane from Mango Hill it can cost up to $96 a week.

“And if you drive to work, you’re stuck in peak hour traffic every day and paying a lot more than that,” Premier Miles said. 

“It’s why I’m making all public transport fares a flat 50 cents – no matter where you live, your mode of travel, or how far you go.

“It’s as close to free as you can get.

“From 5 August 2024, that same trip from Mango Hill to the City and back would only cost $5 for the whole week – that’s nearly $90 back in your pocket every week.

Premier Miles said that he expects this will save Queenslanders thousands of dollars over six months, and encourage more people to catch fast, frequent and 50 cent public transport.

“Encouraging more Queenslanders to jump on a bus or train to get to work or school will help bust congestion.  

“Queenslanders are doing it tough, but they can trust that the government is here to help and we’re doing what matters to Queensland.”

Queensland Deputy Premier, Cameron Dick, said that the government wants to make public transport as affordable and attractive to Queenslanders as possible.

“50 cent fares will mean savings you can see every day,” Deputy Premier Dick said. 

“We hope they will make a lot more people in the South-East consider using public transport for their daily commute, which reduces congestion for everyone.”

Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Bart Mellish, said that the State Government is providing critical cost of living relief to Queenslanders.

“This initiative will importantly mean money in the pockets of families across Queensland,” Minister Mellish said. 

“We hope that it will provide a great opportunity for active transport. Walk from home to your nearest train or bus stop as you head out for a night at Howard Smith Wharves, Surfers Paradise, or the Valley for a fun evening with your mates.

“Enjoy a walk to the closest bus stop with your family and friends as you head out to school sporting activities, visiting grandparents, or a lovely Sunday picnic.

“We’ve got a growing state with more and more cars on our roads every day.

“This initiative is a great way to encourage more people to use public transport.”

Image: Photos by Febin/shutterstock.com

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