The Queensland Government has cut the price of Airtrain tickets in half as part of its six-month public transport cost-reduction initiative.  

The State Government has negotiated a deal with Airtrain, and from 5 August 2024, half-price train tickets will be available to Brisbane Airport terminals for a six-month trial period. 

This initiative will result in savings for Queenslanders, with ticket prices reduced from $21.90 to only $10.95 for go card and EMV and $11 for paper tickets when traveling from Central Station to the Airport. 

The reduction of Airtrain fares is the latest cost-of-living relief initiative the Queensland Government has offered to public transport users, having also announced 50 cent fares on all Translink services across the state from 5 August. 

With Airtrain now included in this initiative, this means that commuters can travel on the network, from as far as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast to the airport for as little as $11.50. 

Significantly reducing the cost of public transport to the airport will encourage more commuters to hop on board the Airtrain, reducing the pressure on the road network and busting road congestion. 

In an effort to better enhance ticketing availability and extending purchase options for workers, work is underway for airport staff tickets to soon be available at Queensland Rail’s Central Station (worker tickets are currently only available at Brisbane Airport). 

Airtrain’s Worker Ticket is included in the significant price reductions, with Weekly Worker Tickets to reduce from $43 to $21.50 and workers book of 20 tickets reducing from $120 to $60. 

Queensland Premier, Steven Miles, said that the government worked hard to come to an agreement with Airtrain to reduce the cost of travel to Brisbane Airport. 

“Rail travel to the terminals will now be included in our six-month cost-busting public transport trial, meaning travellers and workers will pay less to get to the airport,” Mr Miles said.  

“We are leading the nation in delivering cost of living relief initiatives and we know this will provide further help to commuters. 

“This initiative, combined with our 50 cent fares on Translink services, will make taking public transport more affordable and attractive to Queenslanders and tourists. 

“There has never been a better time to leave the car and the stress of airport parking behind and enjoy the half-price train trip instead. 

“We’ve got a growing population, with more cars on our roads and more people visiting our sunny state by the day – this initiative is a great way to showcase our public transport network and reduce pressure on our roads.” 

Queensland Deputy Premier and Treasurer, Cameron Dick, said that by delivering cost of living relief no matter where people work, the government is doing what matters to Queenslanders. 

“In a state as big as Queensland, that is important,” Deputy Premier Dick said.  

“20,000 people work in the airport precinct, and tens of thousands more Queenslanders use Brisbane airport to connect with their jobs and with family.”  

Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Bart Mellish, said that the State Government is providing critical cost of living relief to Queenslanders. 

“This initiative will mean money in the pockets of Queenslanders including our valuable workers based out of the Brisbane airport,” Minister Mellish said.  

“We want to encourage more people to use public transport and enjoy stress free transport to the airport, from the Gold Coast, the Sunny Coast or from Brisbane.” 

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