As Australia’s population grows, growth communities will play a critical role in housing, with Australia’s fast-growing outer suburbs already home to more than 5 million people. For the residents that call these communities home, there are certain infrastructure expectations that are considered to be non-negotiable.

New communities around Australia require a range of basic infrastructure needs to be met before they can really become home for new residents. Roads, public transport, schools, supermarkets and health facilities are some of the big ticket items that come to mind; but in 2024, equally important is the ability to access high- speed internet for work and leisure activities alike.

In fact, new research shows four out of five buyers already expect an nbn network connection in their newly built home, which gives developers who provide it a valuable selling point for their communities.

nbn® New Developments works with many of Australia’s leading technology innovators, problem solvers and outcome makers through thousands of new property development projects right across Australia.

nbn New Developments also work with some of the best technology solutions companies from around Australia through a partner program called nbn Smart Solutions. The program is designed to curate experienced, trusted technology industry partners to help deliver smart technology solutions leveraging the power of nbn connectivity.

nbn’s program and its Smart Solutions partners can help deliver cutting-edge property development technology solutions with confidence – confidence in design, trust in execution, and confidence in the outcome.

The program’s partnerships are forged by a mutual desire to transform urban landscapes into intelligent, sustainable ecosystems. Their strategic alliances align closely with nbn’s

core values and vision – to lift the digital capability of Australia – by providing a solid platform to harness the nbn networks’ extensive capabilities. Through collaboration, the program can help deliver versatile, innovative urban proptech solutions that significantly elevate the value and functionality of both developments and cities.

An example of an exciting new innovative approach is the SIMPaCT (smart irrigation management for parks and cool towns) project currently operational in Sydney Olympic Park. This initiative was designed with a clear objective: to combat urban heat and reduce water consumption.

nbn and SAPHI, an Australian tech-agnostic solution provider, achieved this by deploying 250 intelligent sensors across the park for critical data collation overlayed with two advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, all backed by the robust infrastructure of the nbn network.

This intricate system works by optimising the existing irrigation network, which, in harmony with the greenspaces of Bicentennial Park, reduces the suburb’s temperature by up to four degrees while achieving an impressive 15 per cent annual saving in water usage. It’s a tangible demonstration of how smart technology can create a more liveable, sustainable urban environment. nbn’s partnership with SAPHI has been instrumental in scaling these solutions.

nbn’s Smart Solutions program can help provide new property developments with a platform to harness the best possible technology at an accessible cost, all backed by the reliability and redundancy of the nbn network.

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