Fosroc ANZ is spearheading the push for isocyanate-free sealants in Australia and New Zealand with its Nitoseal MS range of products that are not only faster and easier to apply, but safer to use.

The Nitoseal MS hybrid sealant range offers the weathering and adhesion performance of silicones with the strength of polyurethanes. But unlike polyurethanes, MS sealants do not contain isocyanates.

According to Fosroc ANZ’s sealant specialist, Technical Support Manager, Martin Venn, Nitoseal MS products are a safe and high-performing alternative.

“Given their advantages in terms of performance, usability and safety, Nitoseal MS products are set to become the new go-to sealant for applicators,” he said.

Isocyanates – what is the risk?

Isocyanates are a group of highly reactive organic compounds that easily become volatile and enter the atmosphere as a vapour. They are common in manufactured materials such as polyurethane foams, synthetic rubbers, paints and varnishes.

Exposure to isocyanates can result in irritation of the nose, throat and eyes. It can cause coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath, as well as nausea, vomiting, and headaches. Direct contact with the skin or eyes can result in blistering and irritation.

A recognised carcinogen, excessive exposure may cause liver and kidney disease, and chronic lung damage.

Europe has introduced strict regulations regarding the use of materials containing isocyanate. While these regulations don’t apply in Australia, Fosroc ANZ has recognised that isocyanates are a chemical of concern and, as a result, has initiated the move away from them.

Until recently, applicators had few alternatives to isocyanate- containing sealants, particularly for high-traffic areas, where strength and hardness is critical.

“In terms of strength, there wasn’t really an acceptable alternative,” said Mr Venn.

“The Nitoseal MS Hybrid range is really a game-changer.”

Sealant technology that is safer, faster, better

Australian-made for Australian and New Zealand conditions, Nitoseal MS utilises state-of-the art Duraflex® technology for a safer, better performing sealant.

Suitable for vertical and horizontal joints, Nitoseal MS products are paintable, resistant to weathering, and gun faster than polyurethane sealants.

Being solvent free, with low levels of VOC (volatile organic compounds), Nitoseal MS sealants are also environmentally friendly.

“In addition to the health benefits, applicators tell us that they find Nitoseal MS products easier to use, less temperature dependent and longer lasting,” Mr Venn said.

“The fact that they cure quickly, adhere to a range of surfaces and are highly durable makes them an increasingly popular choice.”

Nitoseal MS products

Fosroc’s Nitoseal MS range comprises two products for use in general construction:

  • Nitoseal MS250 – suitable for facades and available in eleven colours
  • Nitoseal MS400 – with a Shore A Hardness of 40, suitable for trafficked areas

For orders of 120 sausages or more, Fosroc ANZ offers a colour matching service.

Find out more about Fosroc ANZ’s range of isocyanate-free sealants at

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