Western Sydney is set to be better connected with the rest of the world with $1 billion from the New South Wales Budget dedicated to delivering roads connecting to the new International Airport.  

Connecting Western Sydney International Airport, which is due to open in 2026, to communities is a key priority of the State Government, and this commitment builds on recently announced funding for the same roads by the Federal Government. 

Elizabeth Drive, which will take travellers directly to the new airport and connect major arteries of Mamre and Northen Roads, will see the state contribute $400 million for a long-awaited upgrade into a four-lane divided road. 

This takes the total funding for Elizabeth Drive to $800 million in partnership with the Federal Government. 

An additional $500 million will allow the next stage of construction to begin on Mamre Road between Erskine Park and Kemps Creek. 

Mamre Road, a key freight route and zone for commercial development, will be widened with extra lanes to meet future growth, providing upgraded and new intersections and a new shared path for cyclists and pedestrians. 

This Budget investment takes the total Federal-State funding of Mamre Road to $1 billion. 

The Budget provides $115 million for Mulgoa Road to see a separated four-lane dual carriageway between Glenmore Park and Jeanette Street. 

And $10.5 million for Appin Road will provide an upgraded intersection at St Johns Road, building a stronger connection from Wollongong and the South Coast to Campbelltown and the Western Sydney Airport precinct. 

This Budget continues work on the M12, a critical link which is under construction. 

And the State Government is planning for the Eastern Ring Road and Badgerys Creek South Road – key future projects for the airport. 

The two roads will connect to create the long-term north-south corridor east of the airport. The Eastern Ring Road will perform a major freight function and ultimately create a further connection for bus services into the airport. 

Planning and construction will be staged and sequenced to ensure the road network meets growth and travel demand. 

Western Sydney is the fastest-growing region in the country, with a population expected to grow from two million to three million people over the next two decades. 

Deputy Premier and Minister for Western Sydney, Prue Car, said that the New South Wales Government is committed to building better roads in Western Sydney, supporting the city’s new international gateway. 

“By investing with the Federal Government, these roadways will service the new Western Sydney International Airport and the surrounding community,” Ms Car said.  

New South Wales Minister for Roads, John Graham, said that this is an investment in jobs in Western Sydney. 

“Today we make it clear through dollars and determination that the necessary road infrastructure will match the once in a generation, city-shaping, opportunity that is the Western Sydney International Airport,” Mr Graham said.  

“Along with our partners in the Federal Government, we have identified where we need to invest, what we need to plan and we will deliver in a staged and methodical way that is appropriate for a fast-growing region attracting people, commercial development and a large freight network.” 

New South Wales Treasurer, Daniel Mookhey, said that investment in roads in this region, in lockstep with the Federal Government, will provide industry the assurance to co-invest and get development moving.  

“We are transforming and building the roads, and the jobs will follow.” 

Image: B-E/shutterstock.com 

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