When you work in construction and infrastructure, you hear terms like asset, asset management and asset protection on what seems like a daily basis. Assets are the basis of the infrastructure sector, and one of the most important considerations for any asset owner is ensuring their assets are protected so that they are always running optimally and servicing the communities that rely on them so heavily.

The infrastructure sector is defined by large physical assets; the buildings, bridges, roads and railways that connect communities and shape the urban fabric of our cities. These assets all have a significant monetary value, and more importantly, they are critical to the daily lives of millions.

Protecting these assets is of vital importance; and for those charged with the task of doing this, we have identified the seven key challenges that must be factored into this process.

Protecting against theft and vandalism

Construction sites are transient and dynamic in nature as projects progress. The continuous movement of machinery and materials, coupled with the absence
of permanent structures, make these sites highly vulnerable to theft and vandalism.

Restricting unauthorised access

There are a number of factors that can make it difficult to restrict unauthorised access on construction sites or around critical infrastructure assets. Firstly, the dynamic and often open nature of construction projects can create temporary openings or weak points in perimeters. Also, some infrastructure such as water catchment areas, hospitals and roads are not amenable to traditional security solutions such as fences, locks or gates.

Blocking cybersecurity threats and protecting privacy

Cloud computing, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence are transforming the way the construction and infrastructure sectors operate. But with these new technologies comes the threat of cyber attacks, which can result in the leaking of sensitive data, as well as compromising the integrity of digital systems and disrupting operations.

Managing the costs associated with protecting assets’

Balancing the need for comprehensive security measures with the imperative to control costs can be a challenge for businesses within the construction sector. While security guards play a crucial role in preventing theft, vandalism and unauthorised access, the cost of deploying dedicated security personnel in all situations can be substantial.

Providing effective deterrence

In the infrastructure sector, effective deterrence protects against trespassers, thieves and vandals. But it can be challenging to establish effective deterrence measures due to a number of factors, such as a lack of secure perimeters on construction sites.

Protecting against natural hazards

Earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and wildfires can all cause widespread and severe damage to critical infrastructure. Ensuring the security of infrastructure requires advanced warning systems and robust emergency response protocols, as well as resilient design.

Leveraging collected data

Surveillance data is common in the infrastructure sector, but utilising this data to best advantage is not. There are many opportunities for infrastructure owners to better utilise surveillance data to enhance future security activities.

Navigating security challenges

Spectur is an innovative provider of cutting-edge technology solutions, specialising in solar-powered 4G connected cameras and warning systems. Spectur’s autonomous surveillance and warning systems use advanced artificial intelligence and IoT technology to sense, think and act in response to threats or gather data without requiring human intervention, even on unpowered and remote sites.

With a range of surveillance systems on offer, Spectur empowers businesses to enhance their security posture, protect assets and foster a secure and safe environment. Deploying smart technology to monitor sites means organisations can better utilise resources, while remaining confident action will be taken should an incident occur.

For more information on how Spectur can help your business overcome the top 7 challenges of securing assets and infrastructure, visit www.spectur.com.au

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