The Queensland Government has announced a $100 million Productivity Enhancement Program and a $100 million Local Congestion Busting Program, both aimed at improving transport infrastructure across the state.

These new programs were announced as part of Budget 2024-25 and form part of a record Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Programs, with a total $37.4 billion in transport investment committed in communities across the state to support jobs and economic growth.

The $100 million Productivity Enhancement Program will support the Miles Government’s $26 billion Energy and Jobs Plan by focusing on improving the road network to support heavy vehicle movements, including Over Size Over Mass movements associated with key existing and emerging energy industries.

It will also help support future jobs and prosperity, particularly in our regions.

The $100 million Local Congestion Busting Program will target improvements to the road network to reduce congestion by mitigating traffic delays caused by “bottle necks”, particularly at intersections.

The program takes a ‘One Network’ approach, with projects to be identified by TMR and progressed via discussions with key stakeholders, including local councils.

The program will focus on lower cost upgrades at locations experiencing congestion.

This program will help people get home quicker and it will help reduce freight costs along key routes.

Projects eligible for the programs could be a mix of state and council owned assets – an investment by TMR or it could take the form of a grant on a 50:50 matching basis.

Projects that achieve the objectives of reducing congestion and increasing productivity will be considered.

TMR will progress identifying projects for delivery under these important programs in the coming months.

Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Bart Mellish, said, “We know that transport is critically important in allowing people to get on with their lives – be it working in the city, dropping the kids at school, getting to and from medical appointments or making deliveries.

“Our Budget recognises the importance of improving state and local roads networks to support communities and key industries across Queensland.

“The Local Congestion Fund will target improvements at “bottle necks”, reducing the time wasted in traffic and keeping communities moving safely and efficiently, while our Productivity Enhancement Fund will provide the necessary support to industry as our Energy and Jobs Plan powers forward.

“With the clear goal to reduce congestion and improve productivity, the funds could be delivered via a grant on a 50:50 matching basis or be delivered by TMR.

“Having spoken to Queenslanders about their transport needs far and wide across the state since late last year, it’s clear that we need to continue to focus on reducing congestion, regional and rural connectivity, on safety, on resilience and on accessibility.”

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