Seven new priority proposals were identified in Building Queensland’s June 2018 Infrastructure Pipeline Report, while nine more have been awarded funding commitments.

Building Queensland, Chief Executive Officer, Damian Gould, said the pipeline was about providing analysis that allowed the government to make informed decisions on infrastructure projects.

“Good projects that are supported by detailed investigations and assessments are flowing through the pipeline having received funding commitments,” Mr Gould said.

“The Queensland Government’s commitment to fund these projects demonstrates the value of the pipeline in signalling Queensland’s infrastructure priorities to all levels of government.

“It also provides industry with visibility of the pipeline of projects which Building Queensland considers to be the state’s infrastructure priorities.”

Mr Gould said the June 2018 update of the report demonstrates that there is a sustainable pipeline of proposals under development by the Queensland Government.

“A broad range of social and economic infrastructure proposals are at various stages of development in the pipeline,” he said.

“Almost half of the new proposals are from the transport sector, reflecting the importance of road and rail infrastructure in delivering economic benefits. These include upgrades to the Gold Coast Rail Line and Centenary Motorway, along with the Gold Coast Light Rail extension to Burleigh Heads.

“Social infrastructure proposals from Health and Education have also been added, along with Brisbane Live.

“For the first time, Building Queensland is including a second part in the report that is dedicated to the detailed business cases it is leading that have funding commitments for delivery from the Queensland Government.

“The inclusion of this new section on detailed business cases underway by Building Queensland provides full visibility of our work program demonstrating the government’s commitment to implementing infrastructure priorities identified by Building Queensland.

“It details the projects that have funding commitments for delivery and therefore are not in scope for inclusion in the pipeline. Once complete, the analysis will enable government to make informed investment decisions regarding the timing of delivery, and the most appropriate procurement and delivery models.”

June 2018 Infrastructure Pipeline Report highlights:

In the six months from December 2017, nine proposals have received full or partial funding commitments and have progressed out of the pipeline.

Seven new proposals have been added:

  • Approximately half are from the transport sector – Gold Coast Light Rail Stage 3A
  • Centenary Motorway—Fredrick Street to Sumners Road; Gold Coast Rail Line Capacity
  • Improvement—Kuraby to Beenleigh
  • Brisbane Live
  • Bundaberg Hospital
  • Additional special education capacity in South East Queensland
  • Additional primary education capacity in Logan

19 priority infrastructure proposals identified in the June 2018 pipeline.

A new section has been added to the back of the report. Part 2 features the detailed business cases Building Queensland is leading that have full or partial funding commitments from the state government for delivery.

Building Queensland’s analysis will enable government to make informed investment decisions regarding the timing of delivery, and the most appropriate procurement and delivery models for these projects.

The inclusion of this new section provides full visibility of Building Queensland’s work program.

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