A long-standing business partnership has fostered the development of new rail cut-off wheels with the capability to machine railway and tram lines across a huge, diverse range of applications.

Grinding Techniques, a well-known abrasive company and part of the Tyrolit Group of companies, has been supplying abrasive solutions to the railway market for years. 

With specialised grinding products exported to satisfied customers worldwide, Grinding Techniques offers an extensive range of high-quality cut-off and grinding wheels, specialised industrial and diamond tools and a wide range of surface finishing tools. All products are manufactured in accordance with international standards (ISO, EN and OSA).

Since 2014, Grinding Techniques has been an important part of the global Tyrolit Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of grinding and dressing tools and a system for the construction industry based in Austria. 

As of 1919, Tyrolit’s innovative tools have been making an important contribution to technological development in numerous industries. 

Tyrolit offers tailored grinding solutions for a varied range of applications and a  comprehensive assortment of standard tools for customers all over the world. The family-owned company based in Schwaz, Austria, combines the dynamic strengths of the Swarovski Group with over a hundred years of commercial and technological experience.

Tyrolit believes in thinking and acting globally. With a worldwide sales network currently in 65 countries and with its own production plants in 12 countries on five continents, the manufacturer offers customers all the advantages of a globally operating company.

Grinding Techniques and Tyrolit have long-standing experience in the extremely diverse applications and processes involved in rail machining. 

With innovative technology, constant research and ongoing improvements to its products and direct contact with customers, the two companies are continually increasing their leadership in innovation. 

With a shared goal of revolutionising the entire industry in mind, Grinding Techniques and Tyrolit have been manufacturing products to improve safety and all products are built for optimum performance. 

Designed for high stock removal and continuance, they are able to not only offer a product that is cost effective, but also well known for its consistent reliability.

When it comes to construction and railway projects, project managers require tools to meet demanding deadlines under difficult application conditions.

The requirements for grinding and cut-off wheels for the machining of over-ground and underground railway lines and tram lines are extremely diverse.

Whether for manual work or use on grinding trains, Grinding Techniques – as a supplier of both its own and Tyrolit products – is able to deliver suitable products to reduce grinding times combined with increased life, even under the most difficult application conditions.

The newly developed rail cut-off wheels have been designed to be durable and abrasive. These special rail cut-off wheels may only be used for hand-operated cutting, fixed to rail with a suitable clamping device they offer shorter cutting times coupled with minimal effort under extreme conditions such as humidity, cold and fluctuating temperatures. 

The Zirconium Aluminium Oxide grain in a rigid bond system enables an aggressive cutting performance.

Tyrolit’s cut-off wheels are available in 80m/s or 100m/s configurations depending on the machine in use.

When longer sections of track are ground – for prevention or correction – using trains equipped with up to 96 grinding spindles are typically utilised. These high-quality grinding tools enhance the surface quality of the rails, helping to reduce noise and extend rail lifetime.

Tyrolit’s hand-operated grinding tools are used on short sections of rail for eradicating surface flaws, but also, in particular, for laying new individual rail sections. Grinding the weld seam produces rail head profiles with high dimensional and shape accuracy.

Whether you need railway cup wheels, straight grinding, domed shaped grinding wheels or fixture points, we are able to manufacture all, including custom specification wheels.

With realistic minimum quantities and competitive production times, technological expertise and attractive prices, Grinding Techniques offers a complete package focused on service and customer satisfaction – perfectly positioned to serve and supply your abrasive requirements.

This partner content is brought to you by Grinding Techniques. For more information, visit www.grindtech.com.

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