Representing the combined efforts of multiple organisations, the NorthConnex Tunnel opened on 31 October 2020, linking the M1 Pacific Highway at Wahroonga to the M2, bypassing Australia’s busiest road – Pennant Hills Road. Transurban along with Lend Lease Bouygues were awarded the contract to build, operate and maintain the NorthConnex Tunnel. 

Intelligent Traffic Solutions

As a quality supplier of Intelligent Traffic Solutions, Armitage Group is extremely proud to have supplied 400+ FLIR Automatic Video Incident Detection cameras and over 350 LED signs to NorthConnex, including its Tunnel Message Signs, Type B and C Integrated Speed and Lane Use Signs.

Eyes on the road

Keeping motorists safe, Armitage Group’s 400+ Automatic Video Incident Detection (AVID) cameras monitor every part of both tubes of the NorthConnex Tunnel. With the ability to detect stopped vehicles, pedestrians and even dropped cargo, the AVID system will inform the Control Centre and Traffic Operators of a hazard instantaneously when it occurs. Allowing a coordinated and rapid response from either end of the tunnel.

Managing risk

On the client side, Armitage Group’s Intelligent Traffic Solutions help manage risk in the tunnels. Conversely, from a logistical perspective, Armitage Group had to ensure that the necessary steps were taken to manage risk from the supply side. 

2020 has been a challenging year and represented challenging times for all of us. From taking critical measures to reduce the spread of COVID to a lost shipment due to rough seas from a once in a ten-year storm, Armitage Group has consistently taken a proactive approach to overcoming supply chain issues, resulting in all delivery milestones being achieved, well in advance of project demands.

With a dedicated client focus and positive attitude to managing change, Armitage Group has been rated an exemplary 95 per cent satisfaction score from the NorthConnex Team, achieving the accolade of being one of the top two out of 28 M&E contractors. 

It has been said that prior preparation prevents poor performance. However, when circumstances arise beyond your control, Armitage Group has found that regular communication to manage expectations, implementation of adaptation strategies and contingency planning has managed to prevail in these testing times. 

Eliminating or reducing congestion

Armitage Group’s suite of Intelligent Traffic Solutions play several essential roles in traffic management: detection, awareness and direction. Detection of an incident generated through Automatic Vehicle Incident Detection (AVID), communication to motorists enabled through Tunnel Message Signs (TMS), and traffic direction and speed advisory is articulated through Integrated Speed and Lane Use Signs (ISLUS).

Together the triple dynamic of detect, inform and direct can enable Traffic Operators to reduce Emergency Vehicle Response Times (EVRT) and restore efficient traffic flow as soon as possible. Additionally, NorthConnex has implemented the innovation of emergency vehicle cross tunnel access points to make the tunnel even safer.

State-of-the-art tunnel technology

The NorthConnex Tunnel has the latest smart technology for motorways installed, setting it apart from every other tunnel in Australia. With state-of-the-art video edge-based incident detection technology, LED projection of Australia’s eucalyptus forests, a starry night sky feature, and Armitage Group’s luminous tunnel message and integrated speed and land use signs, the tunnel is a marvel of technology and modern engineering. Armitage Group said it is extremely proud of supplying part of the infrastructure to the NorthConnex Tunnel to ensure everyone’s journey is enjoyable, efficient and safe.

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