Parramatta Light Rail Tracks

The Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) has awarded the Parramatta Light Rail infrastructure works package the highest ‘As-Built’ rating ever for demonstrating sustainability practices throughout the construction process.

The record-breaking ‘Leading’ score of 104.35 points reflected the project’s commitment to achieving social, economic and environmental outcomes for the wider community.

The project was again recognised as a leader in sustainable infrastructure, after achieving a leading ISC rating for the design in 2021. It continues to embed sustainability initiatives through construction to delivery.

Three key innovations contributed to the project’s rating:

  • An Australian-first encapsulating rail boot system to reduce operational noise and vibration
  • The use of macro synthetic fibres in the concrete track slab to reduce steel reinforcement and increase durability
  • New South Wales’ first ‘green track’ to reduce noise and urban heat, while integrating with heritage and sensitive environments

Other measures included the use of LED lights to reduce energy impacts, a drip irrigation system with soil moisture sensors to reduce water, and recycling of materials.

Through a range of initiatives, including the reuse of rail, sleepers and ballast from the former Carlingford heavy rail line, the project has managed to reduce its overall greenhouse gas emissions by more than 76,000 tonnes.

The ISC rating scheme is Australia’s only comprehensive rating system for evaluating sustainability across the design, construction, and operation of infrastructure. 

An overall ‘As-Built’ infrastructure sustainability rating for the project will be awarded following the completion of construction.

Read more on the ISC website.

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