Austroads has published ten new technical specifications that outline the requirements for the design, construction and maintenance of bridgeworks in Australia and New Zealand. 

These specifications detail essential guidance related to the use of structural members, fibre reinforced polymer bridge members, concrete, void formers, bridge barriers, galvanization and painting linked to bridgeworks.

Austroads Transport Infrastructure Program Manager, Ross Guppy, said that the specifications were produced in consultation with industry and all jurisdictions. 

“The release of the additional ten Austroads Technical Specifications provides valuable guidance that standardises construction requirements across Australia and New Zealand,” Mr Guppy said.

“The harmonisation of construction requirements will deliver efficiencies for industry and aid with consistency across jurisdictions. The release of these new documents represents additional guidance to help improve standards for bridge construction and maintenance in Australia and New Zealand.”

The new release of technical specifications includes:

  • ATS 5306 Supply and Installation of Void Formers
  • ATS 5327 Post-tensioning of Concrete
  • ATS 5335 Normal Class Concrete
  • ATS 5450 Protection of Steelwork by the Use of Paint Coatings
  • ATS 5451 Supply of Paint for Steelwork
  • ATS 5452 Hot Dipped Galvanizing
  • ATS 5453 Repainting of Steel Bridges
  • ATS 5840 Supply and Installation of Bridge Barriers
  • ATS 5850 Handling, Storage, Transportation and Erection of Structural Members
  • ATS 5880 Fibre Reinforced Polymer Bridge Members

See here for the full list of the Austroads Technical Specifications.

Featured image: Mooney Mooney Creek Bridge, New South Wales. Image credit: Austroads.

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