The Australian Constructors Association (ACA) has released its 2023 Year in review report, which highlights the work the ACA has done with government and industry to improve sustainability in the construction sector. 

ACA CEO, Jon Davies, said that the challenges associated with pipeline reviews and IR reforms were notable in 2023, but the opportunity to improve industry productivity trumped all.

“Productivity is still the silver bullet to address capacity constraints,” Mr Davies said.

“There is no shortage of solutions available to improve productivity, but there are many barriers to implementing them, which is why productivity performance has been stagnant for 30 years.

“The key to unlocking productivity is creating an environment for industry to innovate.

“Contractors and consultants must be incentivised to invest in and adopt innovative solutions, and clients should actively encourage and empower innovation in their projects.

“However, given the size of the industry and number of clients, the only way we will get substantial change is if the biggest buyer of them all, state and federal governments, lead the way.”

This year, ACA’s major initiative was the proposal to the Federal Government for it to lead a national approach to construction productivity reform – a National Construction Strategy.

“Our plan is a genuinely national and tripartite Strategy accountable to the highest level of national policy oversight and underpinned by a shared responsibility between all levels of government, industry and the unions.” 

ACA President, Annabel Crookes, said that she is immensely proud of the contributions made by ACA members in 2023.

“Together, we have set a strategy that looks further forward than ever before and considers the breadth of the great industry we work in – horizontal and vertical infrastructure, construction services, Defence, the new energy transition, and the upcoming 2032 Olympics,” Ms Crookes said.

“We have come together and challenged where the industry could go next – and made a pledge to fundamentally change the culture of our industry.

“Our pledge signifies a shared understanding that our industry must transform at its core, and ACA members are committed to creating a healthier, more balanced and inclusive work environment.”

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