By James Goodwin, Australian Airports Association (AAA) Chief Executive

Airports are bustling hubs of activity, connecting people, cultures, and destinations, but behind all the action exists a hidden world of opportunities.

During the pandemic, some 2.3 million aviation jobs were lost globally, and Australian airports were some of the worst hit, with hard border closures both domestically and internationally significantly limiting the number of flights into and out of the country.

During the peak of the pandemic, no international flights were running apart from repatriation flights. Prior to the pandemic, Australia’s airport sector provided employment to more than 206,000 Australians, including 8,700 people directly employed by airports.

As they moved towards recovery, Australian airports expressed concerns about the lack of resources targeting workforce issues within the sector. In response, the Australian Airports Association (AAA) has created a national campaign dedicated to showcasing the many and diverse career opportunities available at Australian airports.

Attracting the next generation of workers

All airport jobs are critical to maintaining a safe, thriving, and sustainable aviation sector. It doesn’t matter where you came from; it’s about where you are going and where airports can take you in your career.

Whether you dream of working in aviation, security, hospitality, or any other airport field, Prepare to Take Off with the AAA’s My Airport Career website, is your passport to a world of aviation career possibilities. My Airport Career is not just another career website; it’s a gateway to a diverse array of career paths you might not have even considered at Australian airports.

With an airport career spanning 15 years across a diverse number of roles, AAA National Chair, and Executive General Manager – Planning and Infrastructure at Adelaide Airport, Kym Meys, launched the website in November 2023.

“Reflecting on my own journey, while I chose to embark on my aviation career by pursuing higher education, such a path is not a prerequisite for everyone. Dedication and passion can lead individuals to excel in the field of aviation, irrespective of their initial entry point. There are no unskilled workers at airports,” Ms Meys said.

“The role of My Airport Career is to become a one-stop destination for anyone seeking to explore the expansive world of airport related careers, providing in-depth insights into various roles at airports. “The website features a wealth of information, including firsthand accounts from current employees, job profiles at airports and aerodromes, an interactive map to locate the nearest airport or aerodrome, and educational options to kickstart your aviation career.

“The interactive map feature on the website allows users to search for airport job openings near them. By simply inputting their location, users can discover exciting new career opportunities in their area.

“The AAA is extremely excited to bring you stories from current employees in a wide range of jobs available across the sector. These are real-life success stories from individuals who pursued careers within the industry, sharing their own journey for those considering a career at one of Australia’s airports.”

Insights straight from the industry

Employees featured include:

  • Security Operations Specalist: Alicia, Perth Airport
  • Aerodrome Reporting Officer: Matt, Parafield Airport
  • Airside Works Coordinator: Nicolle, Adelaide Airport
  • Senior Supervisor – Aviation Operations and Services: Dane, Canberra Airport

Consider My Airport Career as a gateway to an exciting world of possibilities, whether you are a high school graduate with a passion for aviation, a seasoned professional looking for a career change, or someone simply intrigued by the vast opportunities within the airport industry, My Airport Career offers the guidance and resources needed to prepare to take off.

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