Severe car collision with pole without Artcraft Lattix

A large proportion of car accidents in Australia involve collisions with poles and traffic sign structures. How can we design our roadside infrastructure to improve commuters’ safety?

Car accidents present a massive problem in Australia. There have already been over 635 deaths in 2019 so far, 13.8 per cent higher than the same period last year. What’s more, almost a quarter of all car accidents this year were caused by collision with a stationary object. In mitigating this risk, it is vital that we seek solutions to make our road infrastructure safer.

Road signs are traditionally supported by steel structures. In a collision, steel absorbs the full energy of the impact, retains its cohesion as an object and exerts force back onto the vehicle, endangering the driver and passengers.

A new, innovative design out of Europe aims to mitigate this risk. The Lattix range of supports is leading the way in terms of frangible posts – supports that break apart safely in the event of a collision.

Lattix will progressively crumple upon impact before shearing at specially designed points on the footplate. This process of plastic deformation cushions the occupants from the massive deceleration forces that so often result in serious injury.

Car after collision with Lattix

A car after collision with a Lattix structure – as compared to the above image, a collision with a non-Lattix pole

World-class design for optimal performance

Manufactured in Norway and Sweden from extruded aluminium, the complex lattice design is created by slotting and stretching the profile before mechanically forming the distinctive triangular or quadrangular posts. The mechanical strength used in this slotting and stretching procedure is directly responsible for Lattix’s energy absorption properties.

Frangible supports can not only be used in road construction, but in any industry where safety and frangibility matters, including the aviation sector. For example, Lattix will make buildings near runways safer in the event of an aircraft collision. Lattix can also be aesthetically colour-coded as an affordable alternative to traditional posts in commercial sign installation.

Artcraft Pty Ltd is the sole distributor in Australia and New Zealand for the Lattix range of frangible supports.

Artcraft Services, a division of Artcraft Pty Ltd, in conjunction with Lattix’s engineering team in Norway, can provide and assist contractors with design enquiries, supply and installation of Lattix products, from basic design to footings and completed work.

Lattix offers everything you need: safety, short lead time and easy construction process.

This partner content was brought to you by Artcraft Pty Ltd. For more information and technical specification, please contact us on 1300 765 653.

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