Driven by both top-down and bottom-up forces, industrial cybersecurity has become an urgent initiative in many different industries. 

Madison Technologies’ Moxa provides an industrial networks defense solution

The growing number of cybersecurity incidents and cyberattacks on critical public infrastructure, such as power substations, oil and gas pipelines, and water treatment plants, has prompted governments around the world to implement new laws and regulations that demand stronger industrial network security. 

After the recent cyberattack that shocked the Australian Government, private companies and smart factories are also realizing that they are no longer immune to cyberattacks and are taking matters into their own hands to address potential cybersecurity risks on their networks. 

Regarding the 19 June 2020 cyberattack, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said, “This activity is targeting Australian organisations across a range of sectors, including all levels of government, industry, political organisations, education, health, essential service providers and operators of other critical infrastructure.”

Moxa secures OT networks with OT-IT integrated security, with an ongoing commitment to ensuring reliable connectivity for industrial environments.

Moxa has enhanced its network security portfolio with industrial cybersecurity solutions to mitigate cyberthreats against industrial networks. Moxa offers tips, resources and products that can help companies protect their networks. 

Moxa’s products work in a two-layer approach, first creating an industrial cybersecurity solution, and then creating a secure network infrastructure, using the following: 

  • Security management 
  • Network segmentation 
  • Network access control 
  • Industrial next-generation firewall 
  • Industrial IPS/IDS 
  • Whitelisting control 
  • Data encryption 

This partner content was brought to you by Madison Technologies. Madison Technologies has Moxa products in stock and are available for order. For more information on Moxa Cybersecurity and to view their products, click here.

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